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    Hope in a strange world? An enigmatic landscape by one half of Surrealism’s ‘It couple’

    Surrealism included many female artists, but few were as singleminded as the American Kay Sage. Other Answers — a quintessential Sage painting — is offered for private sale In 1939, with clouds of war hovering over Europe, Kay Sage returned to the United States after more than two decades away. Her lover and fellow Surrealist, Yves Tanguy,…

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  • Auction Preview

    Interiors: Fine Art Online

    The ongoing Interiors: Fine Arts Online auction, offered by Christie’s, began on June 14th and will conclude on June 19th. The lots are primarily 20th-century paintings, figures, and photographs, but there are several exceptions. One notable exception is an original John Lennon “Bag One”, which is a collection of fourteen…