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    Château de Jouac: Fin De Siècle Eclecticism and Surrealist Echoes

    Hidden from view, Jouac, in the Limousin region, provided a setting for 19th-century paintings and objets d'art and above all stylish period furniture bought by Alice, the daughter of painter Clovis Trouille, and her husband René Lambert. The heirs have now decided to part with it all. Paul Sormani (1817-1877), Louis…

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    Stair Brings the Art of the Exquisite Corpse to Auction

    This March, Stair will offer an unusual auction that borders on the macabre. Collectors will find drawings of the human body in every style imaginable, from the realist to the absurd. The auction, held live on March 3rd, 2021, highlights the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ game of the Surrealists.  Annette Lemieux, Doug…

    Stair Brings the Art of the Exquisite Corpse to Auction3
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    Notable Impressionist and Modern Art Pieces to be Sold at Christie's

    While pushing the boundaries of traditional art, Impressionism began to emerge in Paris in the 1860s. It paved the way for several other modern art movements, including Surrealism, Fauvism, Expressionism, and abstract art. An upcoming Christie’s event will highlight 132 Impressionist and Modern art pieces from the late 19th century…