The Only Known Mangels Rowdy LightThe Only Known Mangels Rowdy Light-Up Gallery Target-Up Gallery Target

Starting: $15,000

As with the Mangels’s ‘Clown’ target (lot 111 in this auction), this ‘Rowdy’ target by Mangels is the only example found to date. The monumental size and complexity are that of a centerpiece target anchoring a shooting gallery display. While conveyors may have had multiples of the same figure, there would only be one large light-up target like this, thus the rarity. The fixed iron mechanical box with cover would contain light bulbs in porcelain sockets and is fronted by the thick iron silhouette of Rowdy, a burglar-like figure with thick iron spectacles, cap and collar attached. As originally constructed, light bulbs would blink when a sensor was activated. This and the companion Clown target by Mangels are important in terms of their size, complexity and visual presence. pictured on the title page and page 13 (Figure 1.3) of Sellers’ book, this truly unique example is also pictured in multiple Mangels catalogs with the similar Clown model as its companion on same gallery.
Displayed on a custom iron stand.

Measures 24 x 17.25 inches, excluding stand.

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