The Largest Lunar Sphere — Nwa 12691
The Largest Lunar Sphere — Nwa 12691

The Largest Lunar Sphere — Nwa 12691

Starting: $220,000

This is the largest lunar sphere on Earth — the largest sample of the Moon in the shape of Moon. It was fashioned from a Moon Rock on a sphere-making apparatus. The brecciation seen is the result of the pulverization of materials that occurred on the lunar surface following ancient asteroid impacts. Characteristic superficial fissures are seen arcing through the matrix; signature white anorthite is much in evidence. Lunar regolith, impact glass, volcanic glass and other crushed rock and inclusions are comingled, also a result of the bombardment to which the Moon’s surface was exposed prior to the collision responsible for launching this rock to Earth. The low average concentrations of FeO and Th indicate this lunar sample originated in the lunar highlands. Its primary minerals are anorthite, olivine, pigeonite, augite, silica, ilmenite and kamacite. Modern fashioning.

98 x 98 x 98mm (3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 in.)
1.386kg (3.0 lbs)

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