The First Rendered Master Disney Stock Certificate

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“Artelisted is proudly offering for auction the “First Rendered Master Disney Stock Certificate”. This enlarged certificate is the first international stock with color characters and the only one of its kind known to exist. It is significant that this certificate was the very first International stock certificate ever sold by an entertainment company. It resulted in generating 1.4 billion dollars for Disney. The Disney name is the most known name around the world. This historical document represents an extraordinary event that catapulted the dream and vision of Walt Disney. It chronicles the company’s historical milestone and pivotal moment in 1985 that established the Disney Corporation’s listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange bringing in over a billion dollars to the company. It was an unprecedented global success that later changed American culture and impacted the world. This event launched Disney into reaching incredible heights and becoming the world’s most powerful and influential entertainment empire. The architect of this work and event was Mr. Luther Reese Marr, once Secretary to the Board and later Walt Disney Company’s Vice President of Corporate and Stockholders Affairs. Luther, a key figurehead, was also one of the seventeen founding executive officers dating back to the opening of Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Tokyo and Euro Disneyland during the Michael Eisner presidency. This one-of-a-kind unnumbered certificate was created for and delivered to Mr. Marr by the company for orchestrating the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing. It is the first one with colored Disney characters on the stock. Subsequent to this spectacular accomplishment, Luther supervised the greatest rate ever of monetary investments into the company during this historic period of high growth and signed all stock purchases for 22 years with Disney’s presidents as the acting host for the annual stockholder conventions. Mr. Luther Reese Marr, at 89 years of age, passed away on February 27, 2025 in Laguna Niguel California. Mr. Marr is survived by his three children: Michelle Marr Spicer, Stephen Luther Marr, Christelle Marr Bunge and 10 grandchildren. The reason Mr. Stephen Luther Marr son of Mr. Luther Reese Marr is offering this historical document for bid is that a way used to raise money for nonprofit organizations including the Cancer Society. We are including an important number of images with information related to Mr. Luther Reese Marr, biography and his relation to Disney.

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