Sara Thompson Sterling Silver Rocket Ship Teapot

Starting: $4,500

Rocket Ship N.3 is a fully functioning sterling silver teapot. A small astronaut is tethered to the porthole. One must pick up the astronaut from the right side and then move it to the left side and dock it on the other platform. During this process, the porthole will hinge open revealing the spout. Both platforms for the astronaut have NASA logos etched into the silver. The handles and finial are made of 3D printed plastic. The drain holes that allow water to enter the spout from the body of the teapot are drilled as the atomic icon. The teapot was made from using an array of traditional silversmithing techniques including raising, planishing, soldering, and riveting. 9.5″h, 8″w, 4″d

Sara Thompson is an accomplished silversmith with a BFA in Craft with a concentration in metals from the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She works bilaterally between wearable forms and minimal utilitarian objects. She is trained as a bench jeweler and has moved into using traditional silversmithing to explore the vessel and the intimate connection of handheld functional objects. Her work has been exhibited nationally and sold internationally to private clients.

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