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TRANSPARENT. Heavy patina to front, inscribed religious symbols.
Rieke is astonished about life as it is, the natural laws of growth (evolution) of everything that’s alive. To want to understand, to fathom and give shape to this is an unstoppable mainspring. Self-reflection and philosophising on primeval strength, purity, originality of people and what happens in her life inspire her. Rieke feels closely connected to the earth and universe, thinks it’s fantastic to be part of it. She sees life as a voyage of discovery, in which we move forward in a constantly ongoing movement of conscious energy. Rieke says: ?There’s a natural impulse that everything that lives and touches each other causes movement (vibration). It’s a constantly ongoing, unending form of energy. Everything is energy. So likewise our thoughts, our way of life and experiences?. To view the video for this item, click the link below: Transparent By RIEKE VAN DER STOEP

Artist: Rieke van der Stoep
Issued: 21st c.
Dimensions: 60″H x 36″W x 22″D
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Provenance: Private collection, Miami.