Rare Kiathuthlanna Black and White Pottery Bowl

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North America, Southwest, Anasazi, Kiathuthlanna, ca. 850 to 950 CE. A very rare type of Anasazi pottery originally found near Silver City, New Mexico, this Kiathuthlanna Black-on-White features fascinating iconography painted on its interior from rim to tondo: snake-like beings below four labyrinth forms with ticked interiors. These labyrinths may be geometric or may also represent snakes. Size: 8.45″ in diameter x 3.95″ H (21.5 cm x 10 cm)

According to C. Dean Wilson’s article for the Office of Archaeological Studies Pottery Typology Project (2012), “Kiathuthlanna Black-on-white was defined by Gladwin and Gladwin (1934) and Gladwin described in detail by (1945). This type can be quite difficult distinguish from other Cibola white ware types, but seems to refer to white ware pottery exhibiting traits transitional between White Mound Black-on-white and Red Mesa Black-on-white as usually defined (Hays-Gilpin and van Hartesveldt 1998; Reed and others 1998; Sullivan 1984; Windes and McKenna 1998). Given the transitional nature of this type, it appear to date from the late Pueblo I to early Pueblo II period or from the late ninth to early tenth century.”