Published Parthian Gold & Carnelian Earrings (pr)

Starting: $2,000

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Ancient Near East, Parthian or possibly East Roman, ca. 1st to 2nd century CE. A gorgeous pair of gold earrings (85% gold, equivalent to 20K+) with carnelian inlays – boasting an elaborate design featuring a circular loop attached to a pear-shaped bobble adorned by 3 teardrop shaped red carnelian inlays surrounded by granulated borders – to which 3 danglers of woven gold chain and hemispheric gold terminals are attached. Precious metal quality: 85% gold, equivalent to 20K+. Size: 2″ H (5.1 cm) without modern french hooks; total weight: 12.7 grams

Exhibited and published in catalogue for “Dressed to Kill in Love and War: Splendor in the Ancient World” (February 1 – March 31, 2019 – Academy Museum, Easton, Maryland, USA, fig. 26, p. 10, discussion p. 3). According to Dr. Cox, “All classes of women in the ancient world wore jewelry, which was considered both as adornment and as visible evidence of wealth. Many of the surviving pieces, particularly earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, were preserved because they were buried with the deceased. Others were accidentally lost in baths or toilets, or due to the vicissitudes of nature and war.”