Mid-17th C. Central European Steel Winged Zischagge

Winning Bid: $16,000

Central/Eastern Europe, Germany or Poland, ca. mid-17th century CE. A stunning forged-steel pot helmet used by the legendary winged hussars known as a zischagge (‘szyszak’ in Polish). The hemispherical dome is topped with a petite spike and has a spade-shaped brim riveted to the front with an adjustable nose guard centered against the backside. A pair of inverted triangular ear flaps are suspended from the interior lateral peripheries and have dozens of petite perforations and several thick rivets, and an articulating lobster tail drapes from the verso. The signature characteristic of this helmet are the two intimidating ‘wings’ attached above the ear flaps that have a scalloped design adorned with dozens of ovoid and heart-shaped punch-outs and mimic the winged Valkyrie of old Norse mythology. A fantastic example of the zischagge that is ready to complement any discerning collection! Size: 11.125″ W x 17.7″ H (28.3 cm x 45 cm); 22.875″ H (58.1 cm) on included custom stand.