Large Egyptian Banded Alabaster Jar

Starting: $3,000

Egypt, Late Dynastic to Ptolemaic Period, ca. 664 to 30 BCE. A beautiful vessel of an elegant form and a generous size, hand-carved from banded alabaster with ample natural veining in warm hues of warm wheat, creamy beige, and caramel. The vessel, possibly a canopic jar, is defined by a flat base, an inverted piriform body, a rounded shoulder which tapers with a corseted neck, and a thick discoid rim. The interior of the jar was painstakingly carved out using a series of progressively finer drill bits and copious amounts of abrasive sand, and the exterior surface exhibits a fine polished texture. A stunning example, positively mesmerizing, especially when held to the light. Size: 5.4″ W x 7.2″ H (13.7 cm x 18.3 cm)