Huge Russian Seymchan Meteorite Slice – 14,515 grams!

Starting: $3,000

**Originally Listed At $6000**

Eastern Europe, eastern Russia, Magadan region, Seymchan, found ca. 1967 CE. An enormous slice of the highly stable and rest resistant Seymchan meteorite. The rough verso exhibits the original bumpy texture of the exterior, and the Widmanstatten patterns (Thomson structures) on the sliced obverse face are composed of coarse octahedrite crystals consistent with pallasite meteorites which have an incredible luster. Fragments of this meteorite were found in 1967 around various areas of the Yasachnaya River. In 2004, a substantial amount of additional material was recovered from the same site. A fine example of this famous meteorite. Size: 19″ W x 8.625″ H (48.3 cm x 21.9 cm); total weight: 14514.94 grams.

Provenance: ex-private Los Angeles, California, USA collection