Huari Copper & Turquoise Ring w/ Running Jaguars 61.6 g

Starting: $5,000

Pre-Columbian, Peru, Huari/Wari, ca. 700 to 1000 CE. A masterful copper ring, its form adorned by four jaguars with inlaid turquoise eyes running around the perimeter. The wild felines’ energetic bodies display perky ears, curled tails, and open mouths bearing gnashing teeth and fangs. The form of the jaguar was revered throughout the Pre-Columbian New World as the mightiest wild feline and was used as a symbol of power and kingship. Just imagine the esteemed noble for whom this ring was created! Weight: 61.6 grams. Size: 2″ in diameter x .75″ H (5.1 cm x 1.9 cm); 2.625″ H (6.7 cm) on included custom stand; opening measures .8″ in diameter (2 cm). US ring size 7.5″

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