Guerrero Chontal Greenstone Effigy Olmecoid Features

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Pre-Columbian, central Mexico, Guerrero region, Chontal, ca. 500 to 300 BCE. An intriguing depiction of a standing anthropomorphic effigy, hand-carved from mottled forest-green stone with beige and dark-grey inclusions. The composition exhibits a host of noteworthy Olmecoid features such as the delineation gap between the legs, the stocky arms, and the veristic facial features in contrast to the abstract stylization of classic Chontal sculpture. Almond-shaped eyes beneath incised brows, a bulbous nose with flared nostrils, and puffy lips surrounding a protruding tongue form the almost pensive countenance, all flanked by two pierced, tab-shaped ears, and topped with an incised groove beneath the angled coiffure. Custom museum-quality display stand included. Size: 2.2″ W x 6.375″ H (5.6 cm x 16.2 cm); 7″ H (17.8 cm) on included custom stand.

Provenance: private Los Angeles County, California, USA collection, acquired by descent from the owner’s father, collection amassed between 1950-1990