Greek Italic Bronze Statue of Herakles

Starting: $4,000

*Originally Listed At $7000**

Magna Graecia, ca. 4th to 3rd century BCE. A solid cast bronze figure depicting Herakles / Hercules wearing a hood and cloak made from the Nemean lion (note the incised furry coat and the finely delineated head/visage of the wild beast), standing in a contrapposto pose, with his left hand held outward with a clenched fist, and his right arm raised with a clenched fist. The iconography of this bronze references the legendary hero’s first labor when King Eurystheus asked Hercules to bring him the skin of a fierce lion that terrorized the hillside around Nemea – a seemingly impossible task. Despite the fact that initially Hercules’ arrows were utterly useless against this threatening beast, our hero ultimately succeeded, clutching the lion in his muscular arms all the while strategically avoiding its claws, finally choking it to death. A marvelous rendering of Hercules displaying the ancient artist’s strong interest in delineating physiognomy and movement of Hercules’ heroic yet human form. Gorgeous patina. Lucite stand. Size: 5.75″ H (14.6 cm); 6.5″ H (16.5 cm) on stand