Chinese Tang Dynasty Polychrome Warrior Figure w/ TL

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East Asia, China, Tang Dynasty, ca. 618 to 906 BCE. An incredible mold-formed statue of a tall warrior exhibiting intricate details and vivid pigments. The hollow figure stands upon delineated legs covered with an ankle-length skirt and petaloid thigh pads, wears a thick-collared cuirass that is belted vertically along the sternum and horizontally around the abdomen, and fin-shaped elbow guards. The intimidating countenance peers slightly downward with bulging, almond-shaped eyes beneath dramatically furrowed brows and has a bulbous nose with delineated nostrils, full lips with a grooved philtrum turned down in a scowl, rounded cheeks, tall hears, and a helmet with curled cheek panels and a spherical top finial. The man raises his left arm as if preparing to hurl a spear, and his other hand perhaps held a shield or an additional weapon. White pigment forms the ground atop which red and black pigment accentuate areas of the feet, armor, and head to imbue this warrior with a sense of stylization unique to Tang Dynasty artistry! Size: 14.3″ W x 24.6″ H (36.3 cm x 62.5 cm)

For a stylistically similar example of a Tang Dynasty warrior figure, please see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, accession number 10.221.6.

This piece has been tested using thermoluminescence (TL) analysis and has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase.

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