Chancay Pottery Palanquin Figures

Starting: $900

Pre-Columbian, central coast Peru, Chancay, ca. 1200 to 1450 CE. An intriguing, hand-built pottery sculpture depicting a pair of figures supporting a palanquin and its rider atop their shoulders. Each figure peers forward with ovoid eyes beneath a headdress adorned with serrated columns and presents wearing discoid ear spools, a stippled collar wrap, and a rectangular apron. The regal figure atop the palanquin reclines against an integral backrest and postulates with arms resting atop bent knees, and both palanquin carriers bear lattice-patterned panels across their cheeks. Size: 9″ L x 3.7″ W x 7.125″ H (22.9 cm x 9.4 cm x 18.1 cm)

Provenance: ex-private Lehr collection, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany, acquired around 1980