Bill Wyman Stage Used Amplifier as Used on the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour (1989/90)

Starting: $20,000

Four Mesa/Boogie brand Road Ready cabinets (two 118 model cabinets with one 18-inch speaker each and two 1516 model cabinets with one 15-inch, one 10-inch, and two 6-inch speakers each) together with two Mesa/Boogie brand 400 model bass heads (serial numbers B1107 and B1108) and two Mesa/Boogie brand Strategy 400 model stereo slave heads (serial number S1390 and S13920) both rack mounted in a pair of Mesa/Boogie brand SUS-3 model super shock mount cases. This custom bass amplifier system was used live on-stage by Bill Wyman during The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle World Tour (1989-1990).

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