Ancient Greek Gold Necklace w/ Stoetzer Report

Winning Bid: $21,000

Ancient Greece, ca. 2nd century BCE to 2nd century CE. A breathtaking 82.6 to 85.1% gold (equivalent to ~20K) necklace comprised of a finely woven gold chain from which 7 winged figural pendants (perhaps representing Nike given that one holds a flaming torch) of nearly identical form (save hand gestures and attributes – see extended description below) and 6 elongated, fluted, piriform pendants (perhaps representing seeds or urns) with floral pendants above are suspended from a loop in lop construction chain that is further adorned by 7 equidistantly placed rosette appliques. Beyond impressive for the repousse work, chasing, and stamping of the pendants and appliques as well as the exquisite chain, this piece is truly a work of art! Precious metal: 82.6-85.1% gold (equivalent to ~ 20K) and 14-15.7% silver. Size: chain measures 12.625″ L x .375″ W (32.1 cm x 1 cm); largest pendants (winged + floral above) measure 2.125″ L x .875″ W (5.4 cm x 2.2 cm); weight: 62.7 grams

As mentioned above, the winged figural pendants are nearly identical. All are cloaked in lavish drapery folds, present lovely visages with delicate features and combed back coiffures as well as grand wings delineated via repousse. However, they differentiate themselves with distinct hand gestures and attributes. From left to right the respective figures display: right hand to chest; left hand holding a scepter; right hand holding a small offering; both hands holding a bowl or shell; left hand holding an offering; both hands holding what appears to be a flaming torch representing victory (consistent with Nike attributes) across the chest; and finally, both hands pressed together as if expressing gratitude or prayer. Certainly a mesmerizing ensemble of figural pendants sure to delight many an admirer!

Accompanied by Stoetzer examination report #112712.1 (signed and dated November 26, 2012) that confirms the authenticity of this piece.