Achaemenid Gold Bracelets w/ Turquoise, Garnets (pr)

Starting: $30,000

Ancient Near East, Achaemenid Persian Empire, ca. 550 to 330 BCE. Comprised of 93% gold (equivalent to 22K+) and lavishly decorated with turquoise and garnet cabochons, a magnificent pair of matching bracelets with zoomorphic head terminals reflecting a taste for luxury and opulence. The skill and artistry employed to render every inch of each bracelet’s surfaces is astounding. The animal heads feature almond-shaped garnet eyes, teardrop-shaped bright blue turquoise ears, and an abundance of turquoise inlays to further embellish the forms. Furthermore, the intricate modeling of their snouts as well as the sinuous motifs – perhaps wings or plumes – adorning their bodies along the bangles is beyond impressive. Size of largest: 3.7″ W x 2.625″ H (9.4 cm x 6.7 cm); (interior): 2.9″ W (7.4 cm); (largest turquoise): 0.75″ L x 0.2″ W (1.9 cm x 0.5 cm); quality of gold: 93% (equivalent to 22K+); total weight: 91.7 grams (smaller is 43.6 grams, and larger is 48.1 grams)