A beautiful Egyptian panel from the lid of a sarcophagus

Starting: $9,000

A beautiful Egyptian panel from the lid of a sarcophagus, Late period, c. 664 – 332 BC, fashioned from wood panels with the ‘mummy mask’ still attached with dowels, the long locks of the headdress also still in place. The entire piece retains much of the original painted decoration including multiple beaded collars and necklaces and the goddess Ma’at kneeling with outstretched wings, a solar disk atop her head. Below the goddess is a rectangular vignette containing the image of the deceased within a fringed canopy and laying upon a table that is decorated in the form of a lion; canopic jars below. The pigment is well-preserved with good style and color. 33 1/2 x 14 1/2 in (84.9 x 36.8 cm). Comes with a custom stand and makes for a beautiful display piece! Ex Southern California collection; Ex collection of Larry Hagman.

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