1909-11 T206 Old Mill Ty Cobb (Bat On Shoulder) PSA VG 3 – The Finest of Only Four Graded Examples!

Starting: $16,000

It should come as no surprise that the David Hall T206 collection would contain a number of surprising rarities. When you think of “T206” and “Rare” the usual suspects are brands names like “Uzit,” “Drum,” “Lenox,” or Hindu-Red or Brown. What about a rare “Old Mill?” Certainly should be possible considering Old Mill is one of the few brands to feature the obscure players from the southern leagues would be the best culprit. Right? No. As a matter of fact, one of the rarest “Old Mill” backs hits us right in the face with a now classic image of baseball legend Ty Cobb holding his “Bat on Shoulder” as we would all expect him to be portrayed. This rarity seems to hide in plain sight going woefully underappreciated and very easily overlooked. The title is not a mistake.

Graded PSA VG 3. The overall total PSA pop is over 900 submissions (w/any qualified). As of this writing, only four are confirmed with a Old Mill brand back! There are no condition elements one doesn’t expect to see in a solid mid-grade example. That pop number is usually reserved the most celebrated of rare tobacco brands. As an added bonus, this card is the highest graded example – with no equal – of the precious few examples known!