17th C. Japanese Lacquered Iron Samurai Armor + Helmet

Starting: $4,000

East Asia, Japan, Edo period, ca. 1603 to 1868 CE. A wonderful set of samurai armor (o-yoroi) for the upper body with shoulder and waist panels constructed in a card-like or plated (karuta or kozan-do) style. The lacquered iron helmet (kabuto) has a trio of crescent-shaped panels affixed to the back periphery, two flared side flaps (fukigaeshi) and a pair of slender horns with pointed tips above the frontal brim. The lacquered iron chest armor (dou) bears a front and back panel with arm grooves, six plated panels (kusazuri) around both sides of the waist, and layered shoulder panels (ko-sode) on top. The front of the chest armor bears a red-painted circle with a trio of branches extending inwards. The cloth and iron mail arm sleeves (kote) are tied to the biceps, forearms, and hands for protection. Mounted on a modern mannequin. Size of largest (chest armor): 15″ W x 24.5″ H (38.1 cm x 62.2 cm); (mannequin): 81.75″ H (207.6 cm).

Provenance: private Hawaii, USA collection

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