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The Georgia Museum of Art, on the campus of the University of Georgia, in Athens, is both an academic museum and, since 1982, the official art museum of the state of Georgia. The permanent collection consists of American paintings, primarily 19th- and 20th-century; American, European and Asian works on paper; the Samuel H. Kress Study Collection of Italian Renaissance paintings; and growing collections of southern decorative arts and Asian art.

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    Georgia Museum of Art to feature works by Georgia potter

    The Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia will host the exhibition “Pick of the Kiln: The Work of Michael Simon” July 20 through September 8, 2013. Simon, born and raised in Minnesota, has lived in the Athens area for many years. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he studied under nationally acclaimed potter Warren MacKenzie, then moved to Georgia in 1970. He lived at Happy Valley, a pottery commune outside of Athens established by a friend and former classmate at Minnesota. He received a master of fine arts degree in ceramics from the University of Georgia in 1981. The Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia will host the exhibition “Pick of the Kiln: The Work of Michael Simon” July 20 through September 8, 2013. Simon uses a salt kiln to fire his work, which creates a varying surface and does not require a separate glazing process. Over time, his work has evolved and changed subtly, and the exhibition will illustrate some of those changes as well as Simon’s shifting interests as an artist. In the mid-1980s, Simon began keeping one pot from every kiln he fired in order to document this process of change. The selected pots make up the material of the exhibition. Dale Couch, curator of decorative arts at the museum, said, “It provides the opportunity to fathom a leading ceramic artist’s view of his own work as it develops over time. Caroline Maddox (the museum’s director of development and the curator of the exhibition), in collaboration with Michael, has selected a body of work that is metaphorically like an archaeological trench: it simultaneously reveals the chronology of his work and the creative consciousness of the artist. These are brilliant examples of modern craft.” A reception for the exhibition, beginning with a group discussion at 1:30 p.m. in the museum's M. Smith Griffith Auditorium moderated by potter Mark Shapiro, will be held August 25.