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    American Furniture, Folk and Decorative Arts: Session II

    1981 represents an important period in the career of Helen LaFrance, an often-overlooked African American painter of the late 20th century. Her work shows the influence of the disappearing lifestyle and culture of the rural American South. Beyond themes of rural life, she paints many religious concepts and floral studies…

    A Clews Transferware Plate, Landing of Gen. Lafayette
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    Clearance - Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Ethno Art

    Under a powerful spell, Hercules killed his wife and children. Upon realizing, he was filled with guilt and went to the Oracle at Delphi and asked for her help. The oracle commanded Hercules to visit and serve his cousin, King Eurystheus, who would give him 12 tasks that Hercules must…

    Etruscan Bucchero Amphora w/ Animals, ex-Christie's
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    American Furniture, Folk and Decorative Arts: Session 1

    Born in Kentucky, Matthew Harris Jouett was a portrait painter active between 1800 and 1825. In his lifetime, Jouett painted many portraits of prominent Kentuckian figures, including the likes of Governor Isaac Shelby and Senator John Brown. One of the leading lots in the upcoming American Furniture, Folk, and Decorative…

    A Zanesville Pattern Molded Masonic Eagle Flask
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    September 2020 Sale

    Born into a celebrated sculptor family, French artist Louis Auguste Moreau was best known for his bronze sculptures executed in the Art Nouveau style. Moreau’s works often depicted historical figures, children, women, and cherubs adorned with floral motifs and ornaments. A bronze sculpture from Moreau is highlighted in the upcoming…

    A Large Chinese Canton Porcelain Vase
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    Charms of Art

    Featured in the upcoming Charms of Art auction, presented by Finarte, are works from Giovanni “Gio” Ponti. An architect, industrial designer, artist, teacher, writer, and publisher, Ponti was an advocate of Italian-style art and living. He contributed to the rise of Italian design after World War II. One available example…

    George Peter Alexander Healy (Boston 1808-Chicago 1894) - Portrait of little girl
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    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide

    Renowned sculptor James Tandi often uses verdite stone to capture Africa’s native people and wildlife. For each of his sculptures, Tandi visits the verdite mine where he hand-selects his materials. He believes in doing so, he is “revealing the spirit which is within the stone.” A carved verdite and bone…

    Austrian Cobalt Blue Porcelain Vase
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    Online Only Decorative Arts

    J.E. Caldwell & Co. was established in the 19th century when Henry Blanchard Dominick joined forces with Leroy B. Haff. The silverware company eventually became a leading producer in the industry. Through the 1850s, they produced silver in a pattern known as ‘Washington Reproduction.’ In the upcoming Online Only Decorative…

    Red spatter pitcher, with tulip
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    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art

    Palmyra Heritage Gallery will offer the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art auction in mid-September. Among the key items are Greek and Roman terracotta pieces, Italian pottery, bronze phiale bowls, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and Islamic art. One example of the fine art selections is a small painting of an…

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    The Collection of A. Jerrold Perenchio | A California Life

    George Bellows was a famous American artist known for his paintings and lithographs of American urban life. Bellows was an accomplished sportsman but also wanted to establish himself as an artist. To pursue his interest, he dropped out of Ohio State University and started studying at the New York School…

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    John Richardson: A Scholar Collects Day Two

    Day two of this Stair event brings to auction more pieces from the collection of Sir John Richardson, the late art historian. This includes a study of two male nudes and a Greek athlete by Swiss-born artist Johann Heinrich Füssli. Forced to flee Switzerland as a political refugee, Füssli eventually…

    After Andy Warhol (1928-1987)- John Richardson
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    American & Euro Ceramics/Early 20th C. Design

    After completing college, Arthur Eugene Baggs joined Dr. Herbert James Hall in teaching patients pottery for occupational therapy at a Massachusetts sanatorium. After running the program, called Marblehead Pottery, for many years, Baggs converted it into a company in 1915. It continued to operate under his direction until its closure…

    Arthur Hennessey and Sarah Tutt for Marblehead Pottery, Exceptional and Rare vase
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    Arts & Crafts and Art Deco

    At the cutting edge of the Art Nouveau movement was Alphonse Mucha, a Czech designer active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mucha’s hand was behind the Art Nouveau emphasis on beautiful women surrounded by stylized flora and fauna. Available in the upcoming Sworders auction of Arts &…

    A Tiffany Studios table lamp
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    Kovels’ Top 10 Shopping Tips for Thrift Stores

    Kovels Top 10 thrift shopping tips – how to avoid wasting money and get the most out of a thrift store visit. Currier & Ives dishes and service ware, evokes dinner tables of the 1950s–1970s. Prices vary from $10 for a plate, to $9.50 for a cereal bowl, to $65…

    Kovels Top 10 Shopping Tips for Thrift Stores
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    An Eclectic Collection & Estate Jewelry Sale

    Jean Simon Deverberie, a Parisian sculptor and clockmaker, was active during a period of significant social change in French society. A 1791 piece of legislation removed mandatory guild memberships for craftsperson, allowing Deverberie the freedom to experiment with different techniques within his company. His style was influenced by Greco-Roman mythology,…

    Rene Kern 18kt Gold Compact Case
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    The Collector's Auction

    In 1953, three brothers started producing ceramic sculptures at their home in the village of Almàssera. After a few years, they opened their first shop in Valencia and named it Lladró. They eventually pioneered the single-firing method, which also became a hallmark of the brand. It can be characterized by…

    Herend Figurine, Girl In Folk Dress 5423
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    A Collection of Georg Jensen and Danish Silverware, Hollowware and Jewelry

    Considered one of Denmark’s most influential designers, Georg Jensen began training as a goldsmith at the age of 14. In 1904, the Danish silversmith started his own company, which continues to bear his name. The company created designs that possessed, according to Jensen, both functionality and beauty. The upcoming auction,…

    Georg Jensen 18kt Gold Egg Bonbonniere with Ruby, Green & Black Agate Stones
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    Know Before You Bid: Mexican Jewelry and Art from the Cindy Tietze-Hodosh and Stuart Hodosh Collection

    Cindy Tietze-Hodosh and Stuart Hodosh spent their summer vacations in Taxco, Mexico. There, they slowly obtained Mexican silver and decorative art pieces. Although this is now referred to as their “collection,” the pair “never saw themselves as collectors," John Moran Auctioneers wrote earlier this year, "but rather temporary custodians of…

    Know Before You Bid Mexican Jewelry and Art from the Cindy Tietze-Hodosh and Stuart Hodosh Collection3
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    Unreserved Day 2

    Phillip Ratner has developed expertise in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, painting, etched glass, tapestry, drawing, and graphic arts. Most of his works focus on stories from the Old Testament of the Bible. Drawing inspiration from these stories, Ratner founded the Israel Bible Museum in Safed, Israel, and later…

    Chelsea Keramic Art Works, Tall vase
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    Made in Mexico

    Alberto Gironella was a Mexican painter known for his contributions to Surrealism. Gironella initially wanted to be a writer. However, after failing to land a publisher for his novel, he decided to try his hand at painting. As a self-taught artist, his art used a combination of Surrealist and Baroque…

    Arnold Belkin
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    Vintage & Contemporary Decorative Arts & Furnishings

    European furniture manufactured in the 1750s and 60s was popularly basketed under the Chippendale style. This type of furniture harmoniously blended three different design orientations: Gothic, Modern (Rococo), and Chinese. In a time when furniture trends were only named after monarchs, the Chippendale was the first-ever to find an identity…

    Five glass vases to include pair of amethyst Mary Gregory vases, pair of red Mary Gregory case glass vases having scene with boy holding a balloon