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    Early Spring Estates & Collections Auction

    Pablo Picasso, a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and ceramics artist, was an influential figure in 20th-century art. Picasso was among the pioneers of Cubism, in which he broke apart his subjects and reassembled them in an abstracted form. One of Picasso‚Äôs portraits of his wife Jacqueline is highlighted in the upcoming…

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    Americana and Other Related Wares

    Furniture and both fine and decorative art are available in the upcoming Americana and Other Related Wares auction, presented by Stair. Several furniture pieces from the collection of Gloria and Richard Manney are particularly highlighted. Highlighted in this sale is a Chippendale bookcase. It is made of several different kinds…

    Fine and Rare Small Federal Carved Mahogany Sofa
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    Natural History

    Prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs, walked the earth about 180 million years ago. Their existence remains fascinating to humankind, perhaps because of their unimaginable size and abilities; much like Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile who had a body like a lizard but with fins. According to National geography, the reptile came into…

    Fossil Fern from Ohio/Auctiondaily
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    The Magic Collection of Rudiger Deutsch

    From spirit drums to ball transposition columns, The Magic Collection of Rudiger Deutsch auction offered by provides a variety of instruments used for some magical routines. And there are 491 items including books, photographs, prints, and drawings, autographs, coins and more to explore from the collection of Rudiger Deutsch. Harlequin…

    Card Duck/Auctiondaily