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    Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art

    The upcoming Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery, highlights a painting by Masoud Yasami. An Iranian American artist, Yasami’s abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusion, balance, and chaos. He uses a variety of mediums and materials to create his works. As the artist says, “For…

    Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Lidded Vessel (You)
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    Antiquities | Pre-Columbian | Ethnographic

    The first Russian icons appeared in the 12th century. During the same period, the tradition of covering icons with metal barriers called oklads was also popularized. An oklad usually covers the entire icon except the face, hands, and feet. Typically, it is more than a decoration and a shield against…

    Egyptian Predynastic Naqada III Basalt Vessel
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    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art Sale

    In ancient Rome, images of both mortal and divine children were common. Children appear on Roman tomb monuments, imperial state art, and furnishings of the home. Parents would commission portraits and statues of their deceased children as a remembrance. One of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins,…

    Large Ancient Roman North Africa Red Clay Bowl c.2nd century AD.
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    A84: May Exceptional Antiquities Sale

    During the Cretaceous Period, much of western North America was covered by shallow seawater. As the water receded, it left behind large quantities of sediment, which paleontologists still study today. This includes the Hell Creek Formation, a 300-foot-thick ancient deposit near Jordan, Montana. The tooth of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex…

    Egyptian grey stone head of a Pharaoh, Late Period-Ptolemaic
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    Rare, authentic antiquities from multiple cultures are in Ancient Resource Auctions' online-only auction ending May 30th

    The May Exceptional Antiquities Sale is already up and online for pre-bidding. It will go live on May 30th at 9 am Pacific time and continue throughout the day. Well-preserved skull of an aurochs, an extinct species of wild cattle dating back 10,000-25,000 years to the Late Pleistocene era, on…

    Rare, authentic antiquities from multiple cultures are in Ancient Resource Auctions' online-only auction ending May 30th-1
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    Collector's Series: Ethnographic Arts Auction

    Quinn's Auction Galleries will present masks, jewelry, instruments, and vessels from Africa, South America, and Melanesia in the upcoming Collector's Series: Ethnographic Arts Auction. Available is a Yoruba Egungun mask from the 20th century. Carved out of wood, this helmet mask resembles a wide face with large protruding eyes, tall hare…

    Persian Style Khula Khud Helmet. 20th c.
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    Variety Sale: Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    In pre-Colombian Central America, frogs symbolized seasonal rainfall and fertility. Leaders often wore gold ornaments modeled after the animal to signal power and honor. Available in the upcoming Antiquities & Ethnographic Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery, is a 55% gold frog amulet from ancient Panama. This detailed piece has…

    Large - Portly Colima Dog Effigy Vessel
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    Early Spring Fine Ancient & Ethnographic Art

    The Sican or Lambayeque culture existed in Peru before the coming of the Incas. Many Sican lords were patrons of vast workshops where precious objects were created. At death, the elites were buried with many of those items. Pieces made of gold and silver were reserved for royalty while copper…

    Roman Marble Cupid Holding Bird, Art Loss Certificate
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    American Indian Art

    Included in the upcoming American Indian Art auction is a Bannock sinew-backed bow with arrows and a Sioux quilled shirt and leggings from the collection of General Herbert Everett Tutherly. Also featured is a Northern Plains pipe tomahawk with a buffalo cutout from the Stanley Slocum Collection.  Presented in this…

    Otoe Beaded Hide Moccasins
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    Emporium Auctions

    From French sculptor Eugène Delaplanche, who created works such as Eve After the Fall (1869) and Maternal Instruction (1875), comes a patinated bronze sculpture titled La Violoniste. The detailed piece shows a musician playing her instrument. Signed by the artist, the item is featured in the upcoming Emporium Auctions sale, presented…

    Large Lidded Decorative Majolica Water Cooler
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    Variety Sale | Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    Artemis Gallery will present over 300 items in the upcoming Antiquities & Ethnographic Art auction. Featured is a religious Roman stone mosaic from the fourth or fifth century. This piece shows a saint holding a scepter and wearing a pendant. He stands with one leg crossed in front of the…

    Greek Lucanian Terracotta Antefix of a Maenad
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    The Joseph Pytka Collection of New Mexico Art & Artifacts

    This February, the upcoming Joseph Pytka Collection of New Mexico Art & Artifacts sale, presented by Santa Fe Art Auction, offers a variety of fine art, decorative art, and furniture. The auction compiles items from several recognized artists and brands, including Tiffany Studios and Antonio Molleno, as well as from…

    Zia, Large Polychrome Storage Jar, ca. 1930
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    Fine Art & Antiques Session II

    Alan Bean was the fourth astronaut to walk on the moon on the Apollo 12 mission. He resigned after 18 years as an astronaut to paint the sights he had seen beyond Earth. Painting his experiences on canvas, the artist created textures in his work using lunar tools. In the…

    A PAINTING, Dairy Cows in Pasture with Farmhouse
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    Unreserved Fine Art Storage Sale

    Available in the upcoming Unreserved Fine Art Storage Sale offered by Clarke Auction Gallery are nearly 200 lots of paintings and sculptures. These items have remained in storage due to non-payment or lack of placement in another event. They come to auction this March with no reserves. Several oil paintings…

    ILLEGIBLY. Signed Oil On Canvas Houses On River
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    Native American Art

    The Haidan people, who are native to an archipelago of present-day Canada, believe that whales help travelers return home. In Haidan lore, donning the skin of a killer whale can also grant a person access to the spirit world. A ceremonial Haidan whale bowl is available in the upcoming Native…

    Crow Beaded, Buckskin and Trade Cloth Rifle Scabbard
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    Watches, Jewelry, Fine Art, Antiques And Midcentury Modern

    In 1976, Patek Philippe, one of the most esteemed luxury wristwatch brands, introduced the Nautilus to the market. The shape of the watch was unprecedented, using an octagon bezel and curved edges. The name, Nautilus, comes from the submarine described in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. An…

    Breguet 18kt Le Reveil du Tsar, 5707
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    American Indian Art: Timed Auction

    The warmth a Moki blanket brought the Navajo people during long winters made it one of their most prized possessions. Moki blankets and rugs, like the one available in the American Indian Art Auction by Cowan's, are among the most popular forms of Native American decorative art for collectors. In…

    Hopi Anya Mana (Corn Maiden) AND Tahaum Soyoko (Black Ogre's Uncle) Katsinas, From The Harriet and Seymour Koenig Collection, New York
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    Sculpture from the Collection of George Terasaki

    Sotheby’s is offering Sculpture from the Collection of George Terasaki, an auction highlighting the Indigenous cultures of North America. The Terasaki Collection is centered on the people of the Northwest coast and the pueblos of the Southwest. Masks, sculptures, and pieces of decorative art created during the 18th and 19th…

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    2019 Americana

    This November, Ross Auction Company will present its 2019 Americana auction featuring Caille Brothers, Gibson, Gamewell, and many other brands and artisans. The collection’s categories range from folk art and advertising to barber chairs and coin-operated machines. One slot machine showcased in the auction is an antique Caille Brothers’ floor…

    Antique Hopi Mosa Cat Belly Hugger Kachina/Auctiondaily
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    Denver Collections featuring property from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

    The upcoming Denver Collections auction presented by Hindman features property from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, including artists and weavers such as Robert Lougheed and Linda Nez.  Lougheed, a Canadian American artist, specialized in works of the American West. He was an illustrator for National Geographic and Reader’s…

    George Molnar (American, b. 1953) Pueblo Half Pint/Auctiondaily