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  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Artemis Gallery to host March 24 Exceptional Auction featuring museum-quality antiquities, Asian, ethnographic, fine and visual art

    Featured: Ancient Egyptian boat model discovered near Luxor, Ancient Greek pottery, exquisite Imperial Roman marbles, rare Pre-Columbian art, Asian sculptures, fossils BOULDER, Colo. – Discerning collectors of cultural art always look forward to Artemis Gallery’s auctions produced under the “Exceptional Antiquities” banner. That particular series of sales represents the finest…

  • Auction Preview

    Bonhams Presents Items from Poker Jim, Edward Sheriff Curtis, Matthew Panana, and More

    Bonhams’ upcoming Native American art sale features a quilted shirt associated with Sap-Ut-Ka-Low-Nee (White Swan), also known as “Poker Jim.” Other notable items include a Hethuska Society painted hide along with an Edward Sheriff Curtis orotone photograph and a Matthew Panana sculpture.  Sap-Ut-Ka-Low-Nee (White Swan) was dubbed “Poker Jim” by…

    A Fort Berthold Man's Quilled Shirt, Associated With White Swan, Sap-ut-ka-low-nee (1844-1936), Also Known As Poker Jim
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    Ancient and Ethnographic Art Comes to Auction With Artemis Gallery

    The ancient city-state of Corinth was situated on the Isthmus of Corinth, connecting the Peloponnese to Greece. Since 1896, various archaeological excavations of Corinth have been conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Greek Ministry of Culture, revealing insights into antiquity. One of the key…

    Corinthian Aryballos Shielded Warriors, 1948 Provenance
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    Artemis Gallery Showcases Ancient Art from Around the World

    In pre-Columbian Peru, the Moche civilization thrived along the northern coast. They built complex cities and religious systems before the Inca came to dominate the region. Artemis Gallery’s upcoming Ancient & Ethnographic Art Through the Ages sale will highlight a pair of gilded copper earspools from this period. Silver and…

    Matched Moche Gilt Copper Earspools w- Silver Snails
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    Native American Art

    Traditional rattles are mostly associated with the shamans of the Tlingit Native American tribe. The Tlingit, whose name means “People of the Tides,” are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Featured in the upcoming Native American Art auction, presented by Bonhams, is a Tlingit rattle carved in…

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    Western Decorative Arts & Objects

    In many Native American cultures, the deer is considered a messenger, a keeper of the Earth, and an animal of power. It symbolizes gentleness, safety, prosperity, and shelter. A Cherokee legend tells that the deer and the rabbit raced to see which was the fastest, but the rabbit cheated before the race.…

    California, Basketry Bowl
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    Tribal Art

    Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, set foot on the American continents during the 14th century. Before his arrival, however, Indigenous peoples had permanent settlements, cities, agriculture, architecture, earthworks, and complex societies. Native Americans have adapted to the new world but continue to practice their traditions and speak in their own…

    Large Amazonian Burden Basket, Wil
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    Ancient / Ethnographic From Around the World

    The Shang dynasty (c. 1600 - 1046 BCE), the second dynasty of China, brought numerous cultural advances such as the transition from stone and iron to industrialized bronze casting. The Shang dynasty also introduced bronze sacral vessels. One such vessel was the gui, a bronze ritual vessel used to relay…

    Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Lidded Gui w- TL
  • Auction Preview

    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art Sale

    In ancient Rome, images of both mortal and divine children were common. Children appear on Roman tomb monuments, imperial state art, and furnishings of the home. Parents would commission portraits and statues of their deceased children as a remembrance. One of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins,…

    Large Ancient Roman North Africa Red Clay Bowl c.2nd century AD.
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    American Indian Art

    Included in the upcoming American Indian Art auction is a Bannock sinew-backed bow with arrows and a Sioux quilled shirt and leggings from the collection of General Herbert Everett Tutherly. Also featured is a Northern Plains pipe tomahawk with a buffalo cutout from the Stanley Slocum Collection.  Presented in this…

    Otoe Beaded Hide Moccasins
  • Auction Preview

    The Joseph Pytka Collection of New Mexico Art & Artifacts

    This February, the upcoming Joseph Pytka Collection of New Mexico Art & Artifacts sale, presented by Santa Fe Art Auction, offers a variety of fine art, decorative art, and furniture. The auction compiles items from several recognized artists and brands, including Tiffany Studios and Antonio Molleno, as well as from…

    Zia, Large Polychrome Storage Jar, ca. 1930
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    Native American Art

    The Haidan people, who are native to an archipelago of present-day Canada, believe that whales help travelers return home. In Haidan lore, donning the skin of a killer whale can also grant a person access to the spirit world. A ceremonial Haidan whale bowl is available in the upcoming Native…

    Crow Beaded, Buckskin and Trade Cloth Rifle Scabbard
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    Native American Art

    In the mid-17th century, the Navajo began sheep herding and harvesting wool with the skills they learned from Spanish settlers. The weaving skills of the Navajo craftswomen soon surpassed those of the Spanish. Until about the 1820s, the Navajo made simple striped blankets of blue, brown, and white bands. These…

    Native American Art
  • Auction Preview

    American Indian Art: Timed Auction

    The warmth a Moki blanket brought the Navajo people during long winters made it one of their most prized possessions. Moki blankets and rugs, like the one available in the American Indian Art Auction by Cowan's, are among the most popular forms of Native American decorative art for collectors. In…

    Hopi Anya Mana (Corn Maiden) AND Tahaum Soyoko (Black Ogre's Uncle) Katsinas, From The Harriet and Seymour Koenig Collection, New York
  • Auction Preview

    Arts of the American West

    Hindman is offering the Arts of the American West auction. In this auction,  you will find a child’s hide dress and a cradle, along with oil paintings and jewelry. Showcased in the auction is a piece of artwork from Bob Kuhn. Kuhn was a widely popular wildlife illustrator before turning…

    Harvey Dunn(American, 1884-1952)Bet a Stack of Blues/Auctiondaily
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    Antiques and Accessories

    Chippendale Slant-lid Secretary is one of many antique pieces of furniture available at the upcoming sale by Eldred’s Auction. The style of Chippendale furniture is the item’s specialty along with the curly maple used for its making. The piece provides a glimpse of Chinese and Anne Queen furniture together, as…

    MARILYN CALDWELL Connecticut, Contemporary/Auctiondaily
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    An Extra Large Antique Auction, Day One

    The first day of An Extra-Large Antique Auction offered by Dirk Soülis Auctions  Dirk Soülis Auctions particularly highlights Native American weavings, pottery, and jewelry. Most of the works in the sale are from the 20th century and represent the skills of artisans from tribes such as the Navajo, Arapaho, Lakota…

    An Extra Large Antique Auction, Day One Soulis
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    American Indian Art Auction

    The upcoming collection presented by R.G Munn Auctions offers a diversified lot originating from American Indian tribes such as Crow Indians, Hopi Indians and more. The items available from each tribe are distinct as they inherit mystical and cultural beliefs. One such item from the late 20th century is a…

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    American Indian and Western Art

    Tomahawks were an essential tool for many Native Americans, first for hunting and chopping, and then for defense. But both American and British officials would later use tomahawks as peace offerings for Native American tribal leaders. An example of a gifted, or presentation-style, tomahawk is available in the upcoming American…

    Cowan's Auctions