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The Leizures will continue their successful antiques and doll auction business, which was begun by legendary New Hampshire auctioneer, Dick Withington.

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    The Ivamarie Rideout Doll Collection at Withington Auctions

    Antique, vintage, and collectible dolls seem to bring out the kid in everyone! And for some collectors, these precious playthings help form friendships and communities that last a lifetime. Withington Auctions of Hillsborough, New Hampshire is holding an important doll auction on October 21st, 2021. The sale includes the expansive collection of Ivamarie Rideout, a beloved collector involved in the doll world at the local, regional, and global levels. Auction Daily spoke with Susan Popp, incoming President of Doll Collectors of America and a lifelong collector herself, about this spotlight sale. Lot #22, Martha Thompson porcelain doll. Image from Withington Auctions. Auction Daily: This sale features the collection of Ivamarie Rideout. Tell us about her and her involvement in the doll world. Sue Popp: Ivamarie Rideout was a dear friend and special person. Well known for her warm smile, friendly demeanor, and her willingness to share her expert knowledge with collectors, her passing has been deeply felt in the doll world. She was an active member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs and worked diligently to promote the organization. She was also a past president of the Doll Study Club of Boston and the Doll Collectors of America, as well as an active member of the Broward County Doll Club in Florida. She was deeply committed to the research and preservation of dolls. Ivamarie will always be remembered for her keen eye for rare and unusual dolls as well as her breathtaking collection.   Auction Daily: Ivamarie specified that upon her passing, her collection should be sold at Withington Auctions. What was her relationship with this auction house? Sue Popp: Ivamarie loved Withington Auctions. She had been a customer there for many years. She felt that Withington's sales were not just a great buying opportunity, but also an important social event. At these auctions, doll collectors gathered, caught up on old times, discussed dolls, and shared a meal together. Ivamarie purchased many of her favorite dolls through Withington's events over the years. But even more importantly, she loved attending their sales. It was there that she strengthened old friendships and…