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Our company was founded by Nate Sanders in 1986 as "Nate's Autographs" in Baltimore, Maryland, and initially dealt with inexpensive Hollywood signed photos and memorabilia, sent via mail catalog to a few local clients. In the years since this modest beginning, the company has moved to Los Angeles, done many millions of dollars in business, and now sends out several auction catalogs a year featuring rare autographed items, books, fine art, and other collectibles to a client base reaching around the globe. We also execute private sales with our clients, who enlist us to help them acquire some of...Read More
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  • Auction Industry
    Letter by Nobel Prize winning physicist physicist Phillipp Lenard to be offered at auction

    Bidding for the letter begins at $16,000. LOS ANGELES, CA.- An anti-Semitic letter by Nobel Prize winning physicist physicist Phillipp Lenard regarding Albert Einstein and the Jewish people will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on October 29, 2020. Lenard provided content on both his scientific work, and his rival Albert Einstein, who Lenard often dismissed as the leader of ''Jewish Physics.'' The letter was dated July 22, 1927 from Heidelberg, Germany. Lenard wrote to fellow Nobel Prize winning physicist Wilhelm Wien, who he believed shared his anti-Semitic views. Lenard begins the letter by referring to his upcoming publications on ''Phosphorescence'' and the ''Photoelectric Effect,’’ and suggested ''the so-called Compton Effect'' would need to be covered more extensively in the article. He complained about Albert Einstein's recent acceptance into the prestigious Bavarian Academy of Sciences based in Munich. The anti-Semitic content continued, as Lenard believed Jews dominate the Academy, and that Max Planck ''is being pushed upwards because he is a patron of the Jews.’’ Later in the letter, Lenard even gave a chilling ironic prediction, wondering if future generations, when they read this letter, will even live in a world where non-Jews are still alive. At this time, in 1927, Munich was actually one of the more dangerous cities in Germany for Jews, with Einstein even refusing to visit it on his speaking tour a few years prior. The Nazi party was also rising in power, with Lenard (who coined the term ''Deutsche Physik'' or ''Aryan Physics''), one of its early supporters. The letter in German reads in part, “…The Munich Academy - and probably I am not telling you anything new or anything improper or unfriendly on my part - with its Einstein action, which is still in the newspapers (even now, when the deception is very clear), has given somewhat unexpected testimony of its domination by Jews (Sommerfeld, Willstatter, as far as I know). Actually, only during rare glory days, even in the past, were academies (and thus universities as well) something better than they are today. A special center of the shallow intellectuality, by the way, is always…

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    The Sheldon Mayer Estate featuring Sugar and Spike & many of his earliest works to be auctioned

    Sugar and Spike in "Tiny Visitor". Photo: Nate D. Sanders Auctions. LOS ANGELES, CA.- Sheldon Mayer and Chic Young collections featuring “Sugar and Spike” and “Blondie” comic strips will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on April 30, 2020. Sheldon Mayer EstateOne of the most influential cartoonists of the Golden Age of Comics, Sheldon Mayer delighted his readers with the adventures of his characters Sugar and Spike, Scribbly the Boy Cartoonist, and The Three Mouseketeers, along with his popular artwork of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, throughout the years. He’s also the man credited with discovering Superman, so impressed was he with the strip (which had been rejected over a dozen times) that he convinced Max Gaines to take it up the food chain for the first issue of Action Comics. Later, as an editor at DC Comics, Mayer was responsible for bringing in Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and scores of other titles into the fold. For the first time, Sheldon Mayer’s personal collection of his artwork, sketches, and journal are offered, with complete issues of Sugar and Spike, along with Scribbly (which was reprinted in The Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told). His journal and sketchbook from 1935-37 is even included, with stories about the early days of the comic book industry. Additional information on the Sheldon Mayer collection can be found here. Chic Young EstateYoung created the legendary comic strip Blondie in 1930. Blondie became the widely read comic strip in the United States. It was read by 52 million readers at its peak. Chic’s son Dean Young consigned over 80 Blondie comic strips. Additional information on the Chic Young collection can be found here.