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After 20 years on Wall Street and nearly as long as a collector, Howard Shapiro decided to make a business out of his passion for fine art. His goal is to place quality, well-priced works of American and International art in the hands of discerning collectors and homeowners. He generally focuses on American Impressionism, tonalism, early modernism and WPA, as well as select international movements such as L'ecole de Paris or Latin American surrealism. He works with collectors and decorators. He also provides art consultation services, framing, conservation and restoration services.

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  • Art Fairs
    Lawrence Fine Art to Highlight New York School Artists at Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

    Lawrence Fine Art will offer works by a number of prominent post-war New York School artists, as well as contemporary works, at the Hamptons Virtual Art Fair, September 2-7.  The portal for the fair, which is already accessible, can be accessed here. Once in the portal, fair goers can see the works in 2D or 3D format, ask questions in the live chat room, view the works on their home walls if they use the App, and of course purchase the works. "Giotto's Angels," Gandy Brodie, oil on Time-Life Magazine cover, 16 x 12, c. 1958Lawrence Fine Art "We are so happy to be working with Rick Friedman and his crew," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.  "They are developing cutting edge technology to help collectors view and consider art all while staying safe."  The fair features enhanced functionality developed to help fair goers enter as quickly as possible. Lawrence Fine Art will present work from a variety of post-war New York School artists, including Robert de Niro, Sr., Jean Steubing, Gandy Brodie, Melville Price, Vivian Springford, Amaranth Ehrenhalt and Robert Neuman.  "This is one of our strongest line-ups ever," said Shapiro.  "We are  particularly proud to be presenting work by Jean Steubing.  Not only did she plan the seminal 9th Street Show in 1951, but she also participated.  The circle of 'The Women of Abstract Expressionism' continues to grow." Gandy Brodie is an artist who has not been seen at art fairs for awhile. "It's hard to believe this master has been ignored," said Shapiro, who said that Giotto's Angels by Brodie, to be shown, is a favorite of his. Both Melville Price and de Niro, Sr. exhibited at the 9th Street Show. Untitled, Jean Steubing, oil on canvas, 60 x 36, 1963Lawrence Fine Art The line-up also includes works by photographer Howard Schatz, and contemporary artists Janet Mait, Geoffrey Dorfman and Angel Ortiz (aka LA2). "Howard is always excellent and Janet and Geoff have both created new work recently," said Shapiro.  "We hope to provide collectors with a safe and immersive experience." Lawrence Fine Art37 Newtown LaneEast Hampton, New York [email protected] 631-604-5525 About Lawrence…

  • Art Fairs
    Lawrence Fine Art to participate in Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

    Lawrence Fine Art is delighted to announce that it will participate in the first Hamptons Virtual Art Fair.  The gallery will present work by a group of well-known first and second generation New York School artists, including Robert De Niro, Sr., Vivian Springford, Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Seymour Fogel, Melville Price and Jack Roth.  It will also present work by contemporary artists Janet Mait, Howard Schatz, Geoffrey Dorfman, Robert Harms and LA2. Howard Schatz, Underwater Study 104, 1999, archival pigment printLawrence Fine Art The show will appear in two iterations, the first, a VIP preview, from July 23-26, the second September 2-7. Using cutting edge technology, the viewer will have an immersive experience that will allow him or her to experience the painting as if he or she were standing right in front of it.  "We want our clients to feel safe," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro, "and this technology allows them to view the art in a safe manner while still experiencing it." The gallery has recreated its signature eclectic presentation for the fair, with strong post-war examples and contemporary stand-outs.  The gallery will highlight work by Amaranth Ehrenhalt, whose work it has recently placed in several museum collections.  "Amaranth was in the Denver Museum show, and at age 93, she is getting a real wind," said Shapiro.  The gallery will also offer an early work by Vivian Springford, another one of the "Women of Abstract Expressionism," as well as Melville Price, who participated in the 9th Street Show, Robert De Niro, Sr., who also participated, Seymour Fogel and Jack Roth. Angel Ortiz, Lonely Andy, spray paint and marker on canvas, 2020, 74 x 58Lawrence Fine Art Contemporary selections include work by Howard Schatz, LA2, Janet Mait, Robert Harms and Geoffrey Dorfman.  "LA's 'Lonely Andy' is a show stopper," said Shapiro.  "We recently mounted exhibitions for Mait and Dorfman. This will be a  chance to appreciate them again."  To register for access, please click here.Lawrence Fine Art37 Newtown LaneEast Hampton, New [email protected]:// About Lawrence Fine Art Lawrence Fine Art specializes in contemporary and historic-modern art.

  • Exhibitions
    “Janet Mait: Virtually” at Lawrence Fine Art

    Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to present "Janet Mait: Virtually", an exhibition of new and unseen work by NYC-based artist Janet Mait. This is the gallery's second solo exhibition of Mait's work and fourth exhibition overall. The gallery is working with Artsy to present the exhibition virtually and the link can be accessed here.We are also pleased to announce that Janet has been selected to appear in the 2021 Florence Biennale. Janet Mait, "Raspberry," acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48, 2020 "Janet continues to refine and experiment even as she retains her signature luminosity. We don't know how long things will remain as they are, but we do know that her work needs to be seen and appreciated now," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro. All works are for sale. Private viewing can be arranged by appointment. Noting her bravura use of color, one reviewer had this to say in the past about Mait's work: " A glorious spectrum dances in and out of contemporary abstract paintings in [Mait's work.] With improvisatory elan, Mait fearlessly grabs the hand of each color and entices a full palette to the dance floor in a celebration of light." Mait studies with Larry Poons at the Art Students League, and she credits much of her exploration of color to him. But the main influence on her work comes from the artist and teacher William Scharf. Scharf, in turn, was mentored by Mark Rothko and worked with him on the Menil Chapel. "You can see the Rothko legacy in the stillness of Janet's work and the way her paintings seem to radiate light," said Shapiro. The exhibition opens June 11 and is accessible through July 2. Please contact us with any questions. Lawrence Fine Art37 Newtown LaneEast Hampton, New [email protected]:// About Lawrence Fine Art Lawrence Fine Art specializes in contemporary and historic-modern art.