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For over 30 years, Jumbo Auction House has been dedicated to curating collections of unique works of art for art lovers, decorators, novice collectors and fellow experts alike.

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  • Auction Preview
    Qing Dynasty Imperial Horse Saddle and Ru Yao Porcelain Lead the April Private Collection Sale

    The April Private Collection auction at Jumbo Auction House is filled with rare and historical collectibles from the East. From a Qing dynasty horse saddle to Ru Yao porcelain, the auction offers more than 500 lots. The Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912) was the last imperial dynasty of China. A Qing dynasty imperial horse saddle will be available in this auction. It is a well-preserved example of what Chinese emperors used when riding horses. The wooden horse saddle is framed with intricately decorated gilt bronze. Other items from the imperial collection include Kesi robes, porcelain bowls, carpets, and decorative items. Examples of Ru Yao or Ru ware from the Song dynasty are also available in the auction. Ru wares are rare because their production only happened for a limited time and was controlled by emperors. Fewer than 100 pieces have survived. A Ru Yao vase with its characteristic pale blue glaze is available in the auction. Another rare find among the lots is a Khotan jade bamboo patterned bangle. It has a diameter of 5.9 centimeters and weighs 56 grams. Khotan was a kingdom located at the branch of the Silk Road, which contributed to its wealth and success. More jade items, paintings, jewelry, soapstone, snuff bottles, porcelain, carvings, and coins from prominent private estates will be offered in the auction. Find the listed items and more online auctions on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Hetian Jade, Jia Qing Porcelain, and More Wrap Up 2021 at Jumbo Auction House

    When a man named Bian He found an unusual stone, he presented it to the King of Chu. Believing that it was a scam, the King hewed Bian He’s leg as punishment. A descendant later verified that the stone was indeed jade. To honor the wronged discoverer, the jade was named Hetian jade. Jumbo Auction House will soon offer precious jade artifacts in the first session of its 2021 End of the Year Private Collection sale. An antique Chinese Hetian jade sculpture will be available in the auction. It shows men rowing a boat atop a dragon-like wave. It also comes fitted with a carved wooden stand. Among the porcelain offerings, an antique square-shaped plate depicting five dragons and four phoenixes is a notable lot. It bears the mark of Jia Qing. It also has four dog-shaped handles for string tying. Another key porcelain lot is a uniquely curved pillow in a light jade green glaze. It belongs to the Chinese Cizhou Yao period. There are nearly 600 lots of fine and decorative art, furniture, snuff bottles, jewelry, watches, and collectibles in this holiday auction. View the full catalog on Bidsquare and register to place a bid online.

  • Auction Preview
    Chinese Jade, Gilt Bronze Objects, and Buddhist Carvings Available With Jumbo Auction House

    The Chinese Qing dynasty period was known for the glorious reign of Emperor Qianlong. Completely fascinated by jade, he both collected and commissioned a massive number of jade objects. Gilt bronze and jade flourished not only in the imperial court but also among commoners. A carved jade Buddha Shakyamuni statue from the Qianlong period is a key highlight of the upcoming Jumbo Auction House sale. The sculpture depicts the Buddha seated cross-legged in his classic meditative Padmasana pose or lotus position.  Another significant Buddhist lot from the Qianlong period is a hexagonal palace hut, intricately carved in gilt bronze. A set of three jade round table screens from the same period also leads the listings. The table screens bear carvings of the Buddha and two Bodhisattvas. Each one of them is mounted on an intricately-carved wooden base. An available Chinese cloisonné vase is noteworthy for its enamel details. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.