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The company was founded more than fifty years ago in Nuremberg by Count Erich Klenau von Klenova, Baron of Janowitz and quickly achieved renown and the recognition of international collectors and museums. The early auctions of coins and medals were soon supplemented in the foundation years with auctions of "Orders and Decorations” together with “Collectibles from History and Military History”.

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    Hermann Historica GmbH announces highlights of auction at Castle Greding near Munich

    An Italian Louis XVI console, circa 1790. Lot 151, Starting price 4.800 Euro. MUNICH.- This September, Hermann Historica is offering an extra highlight that takes Munich's autumn of art to a new level. Under the heading "From castles and palaces – selected art and handcrafts from antiquity to the 20th century", around 250 lots continuing this theme are to come under the hammer in a special auction. In cooperation with the local art dealership Ehrl Fine Art & Antiques, these exquisite objects will be presented in an appropriate setting against the majestic backdrop of Castle Greding in an auction starting at 4 pm on 25 September. Art lovers will find the outing to Greding in the Altmühltal Nature Park, just 60 minutes north of Munich, well worthwhile, even for the pre-sale viewing days from 19 to 25 September. In the former prince-bishop's hunting lodge on the market place at the heart of the historical old town, collectors will have an opportunity to admire and acquire rare, perhaps unparalleled, objects of supreme artistry ranging from antique jewellery, sacral artefacts, defensive weapons, firearms, Old Master paintings, bibliophile treasures and superlative artworks to memorabilia from the personal effects of crowned heads. Without doubt, a pair of finely crafted, early Hellenistic gold bracelets dating from the 4th-3rd century B.C. may be regarded as a spectacular piece of courtly work. The bracelets are adorned with the head of Medusa, not depicted as a frightening figure but almost graceful, in keeping with the Hellenistic concept of art. Bids are invited from 75,000 euros for these gems, which attest to the great virtuosity of the early archaic goldsmith workshops and usher in the procession of objects from all periods and regions. Also certainly dating from classical antiquity is an exceptionally large bronze eagle, the rendering of which is both graceful and naturalistic. Standing 32 centimetres tall, the sculpture is of a size rarely found in antiquity and is sure to delight buyers with its exquisitely wrought surface, particularly the meticulous details of its plumage. Standing in repose, its head slightly turned to the left and wings folded, exuding a powerful…

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    Art and antiques consistently in high demand in the auctions at Hermann Historica GmbH

    This opulent chess set sold for 52,500 euros. MUNICH.- The sale of the 717 lots on 25 May was like taking a journey through history and continents. Entitled "Art and handcrafts, antiquities", the catalogue included virtually every epoch and every region of the world, all testaments to outstanding craftsmanship in a wide variety of materials. Fantastic results were achieved, thanks to the keen participation of the bidders on the telephone and the hitherto unknown, yet extremely active community of online bidders on all six auction platforms, culminating in a sensational, thirty-fold increase of the opening price. Last year's relocation to the new, spacious premises in Grasbrunn proved to be the proverbial stroke of good luck in the otherwise unfortunate COVID-19 situation; the generous space made the pre-sale viewing possible in person and permitted direct attendance in the saleroom. Silver, glass and Asian art objects were particularly sought after, along with paintings and sculptures. The announcement of an Old Master painting unleashed a veritable bidding frenzy on all channels. Measuring a mere 25 centimetres in diameter, the enchanting, circular, 17th century work of finest Flemish rustic genre painting inspired such enthusiasm that its new owner could only claim his prize after a seemingly never-ending barrage of bids. Depicting a young farmer's wife in traditional Flemish dress, holding a cauldron full of embers and set against a genre village scene of a farmhouse, the painting ultimately changed hands for 57,500 euros, eclipsing its estimate of 1,500 euros. A graceful, voluptuous, 17th century Venus of "pudica" type, crowned with a striking diadem and holding myrtle blossoms in her hand, also succeeded in captivating the audience and achieved a gratifying result. Standing 46 centimetres tall and fashioned in the finest Italian Renaissance style, the bronze sculpture was valued at 12,000 euros but went on to fetch 15,000 euros. During the 19th century, the Viennese gold and silver smith Hermann Ratzendorfer gained the highest renown for his peerless neo-Renaissance works by combining the most superb materials with exquisite craftsmanship. Winning medals at the World Expositions in Vienna and Paris, his unparalleled handcrafted objects. are sure to…