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Founded by Paul Hedge and Paul Maslin over 20 years ago, Hales Gallery opened in 1992 as a contemporary art space in Deptford, South London. In 2004 Hales Gallery moved to the Tea Building, a dynamic and creative hub in London's East End on the border of Shoreditch and the business district. Hales Gallery regularly places its artists' works in the collections of some of the world's most significant private and public collections and works closely with respected curators and advisors in doing this.

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  • Exhibitions
    Michael Smith presents three recent bodies of work at Hales Gallery

    Installation view of Michael Smith, Yet another show of drawings and videos reflecting on youth, ageing and a future of retirement by Michael Smith, Hales London, 2020. Images courtesy the artist and Hales Gallery. Copyright the artist. LONDON.-Hales, in collaboration with Dan Gunn Gallery, is presenting Yet another show of drawings and videos reflecting on youth, ageing and a future of retirement by Michael Smith. In his fourth solo exhibition with Hales, Smith presents three recent bodies of work exploring these themes, which he and his performance persona will undoubtedly struggle with for years to come. For forty years Smith (b.1951 Chicago, IL, USA) has been producing performances, video works, large scale installations, commercial television, puppet shows, photos and drawings that have been shown in a variety of venues and contexts, including museums, galleries, cable television, nightclubs, children’s birthday parties and on the streets. Smith has been at the forefront of a generation of artists interested in crossing over and merging an art world context with popular culture. A prolific artist, Smith often collaborates with other artists, including Joshua White, Mike Kelley, Seth Price and William Wegman. Drawing on aspects and conventions of daily life and mass media, Smith creates witty and ironic works that speak to the trials and tribulations of everyday life as well as to our most human concerns. In the late 1970s Smith conceived of two characters, who have since been featured in the majority of his works – “Mike,” a naïve, hapless but optimistic everyman, and “Baby Ikki,” a genderless, prelingual, easily-distracted infant. These consistent performance personas have developed and aged with the artist, over the course of many years. In Smith’s far reaching oeuvre, Mike has built a fallout shelter; had his own tv variety show; entered a disco dancing competition; starred in a music video; had a business that went bankrupt; and was an artist with a loft for sale, amongst other pursuits. In the exhibition we follow Mike on a series of adventures – his search for the fountain of youth, getting a tattoo and buying a timeshare in Mexico. Each project…

  • Artists
    Chitra Ganesh joins Hales

    Portrait of an Artist as a Unicorn, 2015. Images courtesy of Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco. NEW YORK, NY.-Hales announced representation of New York based artist Chitra Ganesh. Ganesh's first solo exhibition with the gallery will be held at Hales New York in 2021. Across a twenty-year practice, Chitra Ganesh (b. 1975 Brooklyn, New York) has developed an expansive body of work rooted in drawing and painting, which has evolved to encompass video, sculpture, computer generated image, and collage. Informed by her studies in literature and semiotic theory, Ganesh explores storytelling traditions and mythologies, bringing important historical conversations to the contemporary moment. With influences including South Asian iconography, Bollywood posters, science fiction, vintage comic books, and that of queer theory, Ganesh forms nonlinear narratives and highly detailed visual worlds that subvert traditional storytelling to create women and queer-centric narratives of the future. She draws out alternative depictions of sexuality and power, highlighting the accounts of women who have often been subsumed or marginalized. In Ganesh’s work, women and queer characters become the protagonists, actively shaping their futures. As part of this new relationship, Hales will be collaborating with Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco, USA and Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India. Ganesh's work has been widely exhibited in the United States and internationally, including solo shows at Brooklyn Museum, NY, USA; MoMA PS1, NY, USA; The Kitchen, NY, USA; The Rubin Museum of Art, NY, USA; The Andy Warhol Museum, PA, USA; and Gothenburg Kunsthalle, Sweden. Her work is represented in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA, USA; the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, USA; The Brooklyn Museum, NY, USA; The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA; The Ford Foundation, NY, USA; the Devi Art Foundation, India, among others.