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Greenhouse Auctions offers a new, welcoming model for collecting art. All artwork is sold directly by artists and galleries, providing you with the peace of mind that your contribution supports the artist. Founded in response to a rapidly changing reality, we offer recently made artwork in themed, curated auctions that benefit from a welcoming, transparent and competitive bidding platform. All artwork is directly consigned by galleries and artists. Accordingly, our infrastructure honors the core values of the gallery model, namely the relationship between artist, dealer and collector; the impo...Read More
rtance of clear provenance; final selling price discretion; and the opportunity to continually support artists throughout their career.Read Less

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    Success of First Greenhouse Auctions Event Supports a New Way to Collect

    For art collectors looking to make a difference with their purchases, Greenhouse Auctions offers a fresh model. The online platform launched in 2020 amid growing critiques of the auction industry. Built to address some of the problems that traditional auction houses face, it advocates change through transparency and community empowerment. The first online Greenhouse Auctions event was held on December 2nd, 2020. It featured a selection of fine art created during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Greenhouse Auctions reports a strong turnout for the early December sale. 60 bidders from around the globe participated, drawing an 85% sell-through rate by value. “The strength of the Greenhouse Auctions model was affirmed by the incredible range of collectors that participated in yesterday’s sale and their extraordinary enthusiasm for the works offered,” founder Shlomi Rabi said in a press release. “I could not be more pleased with the outcome and look forward to building on the success of our first auction with many more to come.” Nick Farhi, Homes That Morph, 2020. Image from Greenhouse Auctions. As the platform stated in an October Instagram post, “This past year has accelerated shifts that had already been in place in the art world. Greenhouse Auctions was designed and built to address these shifts.” An exclusively-online presence, green carbon footprint, and mission-driven business model are all characteristics that define the young auction house. Transparency is another underlying principle. Artists and galleries directly provide the listed works, establishing a clear and documented provenance. That also means every piece the auction house sells is new to the market.  Each artwork has an estimate before the bidding begins, like in most auctions. However, the final price is kept private between the buyer, the seller, and the auction house. This policy protects the seller’s market and aims to prevent the immediate flipping of works from up-and-coming artists. After the auction, the winning bidder negotiates shipping and handling costs directly with the seller, which Greenhouse Auctions hopes will prompt lasting relationships between collectors, gallerists, and artists. T. Eliott Mansa, Marching and Singing with Yesterday’s Coffin on Their Heads III, 2020. Image from Greenhouse…

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    Newly-launched Greenhouse Auctions announces inaugural sale this December

    Shai Azoulay, Time Table, 2020. Courtesy of Shai Azoulay. NEW YORK, NY.-Greenhouse Auctions, a new model for supporting and discovering artists, today announced its inaugural sale to be held this December and the launch of a new art history scholarship through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). Consigning solely from galleries and artists, Greenhouse Auctions leverages the advantages of the auction system, while prioritizing the artist-gallery-collector relationship and the role of galleries in nurturing artists’ practices and building collections. Through a wholly digital model and cross-category themed auctions, Greenhouse Auctions offers collectors a dynamic and accessible avenue for discovering works and directly supporting galleries and artists. Showcasing works that span media and category—from paintings and works on paper to ceramics and design—each Greenhouse sale presents a selection of fine art and objects curated around a single theme, encouraging discovery for new and established collectors alike and an intersectional, open-ended approach to collecting. Titled Sourdough, the inaugural sale in December will bring together works created during the pandemic and in lockdown. Participating galleries include here (Pittsburgh), LnS Gallery (Miami), and Meislin Projects (New York), and artists featured include Israeli artist Shai Azoulay, Molly A. Greene, T. Eliott Mansa, Cuban artist William Osorio, and Venezuelan artist Tony Vazquez-Figueroa. The sale will also feature works created specifically for Greenhouse by artists including Nick Farhi, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Erin Loree, and Grear Patterson. Most works are valued at $20,000 or under, fostering this underserved area of the art market and providing an approachable entry-point for new collectors as well as artists whose markets are growing rapidly. Central to the company’s mission-driven business model is the establishment of a new scholarship with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which benefits students studying art history across more than 40 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), with the aim of advancing greater representation and diversity in art historical scholarship and criticism and within the arts workforce. A percentage of Greenhouse commissions from each sale is donated to the fund. Greenhouse additionally supports sustainable and green business practices through its completely digital model that removes the costly and prohibitive…