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About Auction House

Casco Bay Auctions was founded in 2019 to provide auction services to clients in the communities of Southern and Midcoast Maine. Located in Freeport, we travel throughout the region collecting consignments for our auctions, held in the lower level at Freeport Antiques and Heirlooms, 31 Main Street.

Auction Previews & News

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  • Auction Preview
    Casco Bay Auctions to Offer Avant-Garde Artworks of Jean Tinguely and Roy Lichtenstein

    Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely was known for his Métamatics kinetic sculptures, which were highly inspired by Dadaism. In paintings as well, Tinguely used the rebellious Dadaist techniques such as assemblage and collage, relying on improvisation rather than tradition. An abstract work by the artist is a key highlight of the upcoming sale at Casco Bay Auctions. It is an untitled collage made using ribbon, yarn, stickers, marker, and watercolor. Like most Dada art, it has gibberish text scattered all over. Another noteworthy lot is American artist Roy Lichtenstein’s celebrated work titled Wham!. It’s a diptych depicting a missile-shooting fighter plane in the left-hand panel. The missile is shown hitting a second plane that explodes in the right-hand panel. Its onomatopoeic title is central to the action-packed scene. Like most of Lichtenstein’s work, this too is conceived from popular comic book panels.  A Hove Mobler lounge chair designed by Norwegian craftsman and architect Hans Brattrud leads the furniture listings. Brattrud is renowned for this award-winning Scandia design, which blends laminated wood on a pliable wire frame. The design enabled convenient storage by allowing stacking of multiple chairs. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Casco Bay Auctions.

  • Auction Preview
    Early Summer Eclecticism: Second Chance Auction

    The Early Summer Eclecticism: Second Chance Auction will include fine art, decorative art, and collectibles. At the top of the auction is a rare French jelly mold. Popular during the Victorian Era, this mold is oval-shaped with fluted sides that resemble grapes. It also has an added hanging tab. A Dutch brass Heemskerk candlestick is also highlighted in this buy-now sale, offered by Casco Bay Auctions. This candlestick is cast in three pieces with a round drip pan and two drip holes. Candlesticks such as this 17th-century example were not only used to light rooms but also melted wax for sealing letters and documents.  A Roseville Fresia pedestal and jardinière can be found along with a New England ladderback armchair. A World War II Ford poster is also available, as is an MG Midget series TD workshop manual. To view the entire catalog and to register to buy, visit Bidsquare. 

  • Auction Preview
    Early Summer Eclecticism Sale

    The upcoming Early Summer Eclecticism Sale, offered by Casco Bay Auctions, will feature fine art, decorative art, and collectibles. Among the works of fine art in the event is a waterfront scene by Alfred Edouard A. Bylandt. A Belgian painter of the 19th century, Bylandt was born and trained in Brussels. Though his Italianate style was dated during his lifetime, many of his contemporaries collected his work. Another featured lot is a group of 11 Schoenhut toys. These are dolls that were produced by the Schoenhut Piano Company between 1903 and 1935. Included in the lot are the characters Punch and Judy, a horse, a dog, and several other wooden figures. Among the key brass items in the sale, an oval French jelly mold from the 1820s, two English chestnut roasters, and a Victorian flower basket stand out. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare. 

  • Auction Preview
    Twentieth-Century Art & Design – Online Only

    The upcoming Twentieth-Century Art & Design - Online Only sale, offered by Casco Bay Auctions, presents fine art alongside jewelry, furniture, and other decorative items. One of the available paintings, by Beverly Hallam, is titled Paperwhite’s Farewell I. An American printmaker and artist, Hallam often focused her work on oceans and rock formations. She particularly mastered and was best known for her detailed airbrush paintings of flowers. Among the featured decorative art items, a LeCoultre Atmos clock by Jean-Léon Reutter stands out. Invented in 1928, the Atmos is driven by changes in ambient temperature. It holds a sealed capsule that expands as the temperature rises and contracts as it falls, winding the mainspring of the clock. Also available is a sculpture by Abe Ajay. Known for his shallow, boxlike wall constructions and collages, Ajay combined found objects, polyester resin, wood, canvas, and wire into his mixed-media constructions. View any these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.