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211 Midland Ave, Ste 101, Colorado 81621

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For more than 20 years, Ann Korologos Gallery has been the premier source for contemporary Western Art, known for artists inspired by frontier culture and the beauty of the American West. Local and national painters, sculptors, printmakers, mixed-media artists, and photographers tell the stories of the West through their unique language and styles. The spacious gallery is located just downstream of Aspen, Colorado in the charming town of Basalt.

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    Barns and Bones of the West

    Ann Korologos Gallery presents Barns and Bones, a group exhibition featuring the contemporary and historic structures and influential figures of the American West as captured in the paintings, color intaglio prints and mixed media work of Terry Gardner, Donna Howell-Sickles, Tomás Lasansky, Simon Winegar, and Dinah Worman, complemented by 40 contemporary artists. Barns and Bones is on view at Ann Korologos Gallery both in-person and virtually from August 17th through October 3, 2020. Barns and Bones of the West exhibition now on view “Barns and Bones is an examination of Western foundations in a literal and figurative sense,” shares gallery owner, Ann Korologos. “These artists are studying and honoring icons of the American West from physical structures of barns and ranches, to cowboy and Native American figures, to wild horses that intersect all cultures.” Terry Gardner was born and raised in Missouri and moved to Colorado to paint outdoors as a plein air artist. A contemporary painter of the American West, Gardner depicts the hard work of ranchers and farmers, capturing herds and ranch hands, and barns both working and forgotten. Gardner strives to paint what is not visible to the eye by capturing the mystery and intrigue of the past and present through his moody palette and subject matter. Donna Howell-Sickles redefines the wary stereotypes that represented Western women during her childhood in Texas and New Mexico in the 50s and 60s. Using charcoal, pastel, and acrylic on paper or canvas, Donna portrays ranching women as she knew them: strong, capable, humorous and bonded as sisters. Her work is rich with symbolism and allusions to classical mythology that “fits the American West like a glove.” Tomás Lasansky was born in Iowa City, IA. The artist plays in two dimensions – painting, drawing, printmaking – but his portrait work jumps off the page. He juxtaposes a wildly creative style with very careful method. “Our greatest leaders, artists, and thinkers,” according to Lasansky, “are portrayed in larger-than-life portraits that invoke the complexity behind the lore, often with symbolic and bold backgrounds such as the American flag.” His subjects include the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Sitting Bull, Hopi maiden,…

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    Sarah Lamb solo exhibition featuring dramatic still lifes

    Ann Korologos Gallery presents Sarah Lamb, a solo exhibition featuring dramatic still lifes by nationally acclaimed American realist painter Sarah Lamb. The exhibition is on view August 4th through August 16th at Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt, CO and virtually at The exhibition is complemented by expressive landscapes by pastel artist Sabrina Stiles. Sarah Lamb, "Peonies in Silver," Oil on linen, 23 x 24 in With a trained classical eye and extraordinary skill, Lamb celebrates the details of everyday objects: fresh flowers, silver vases, summer peaches, antique weather vanes, decadent cakes, farm-fresh eggs. Items that could be from the 1800s or 2020. “Every one of Lamb’s paintings activates the senses,” reflects gallery director, Sue Edmonds. “Her work inspires participation from the viewer, encouraging one to lean in to smell the Magnolias or dip a finger in the Chantilly cream frosting.” Lamb is fascinated with the textures of objects, an element of joy for the artist as she searches for her next subject. In a recent interview with Western Art & Architecture, Lamb reveals her passion for depicting texture early on in her career, and her fortuitous discovery of oil paint upon taking a 2-week workshop in Santa Fe with Jacob Collins in the early 90s as a graduation gift to herself, which led to the introduction to Collins' mentor, Ted Seth Jacobs. The medium, in the hands of Lamb, and through the guidance of her mentors, Jacob Collins and Ted Seth Jacobs, proved perfect to capture the color, depth, and texture of Lamb’s objects. “I’d been afraid of [oil paint],” reflects Lamb. “But once I started, it was life- changing.” Nearly 30 years later, Lamb is a nationally recognized American realist painter, who some consider to be one of the best contemporary painters in the United States. Sarah Lamb, "Antique Horse Weathervane," Oil on Panel, 30 x 34 in Lamb always paints from life, arranging the items before her in complementary textures: an antique metal weathervane reflecting a red satin ribbon, summer peaches placed and reflected in a silver bowl, fresh olives gleaming in oil, a spring bouquet of gathered flowers in a glass…