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Alyes Auctions founded by Nicolas Alyes, based in Hong-Kong, is offering at auctions a dynamic range of collectible artworks and works especially with Asian collectors. With a clear international focus, we target especially the constantly growing Asian market. Indeed, with our two offices established in Hong-Kong and Shanghai and our partnerships with many local auction broadcasters we help Asian collectors to purchase quality Post War and Contemporary artworks. In addition, we push forward many established artists who already have an international aura, along with more emerging local artists ...Read More
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    Ayles Auction Brings to you Global Icons 7

    Ayles auction is a well-established auction house with their base in Hong-Kong and Shanghai. Ayles auctions are known for their unique collection of contemporary and modern arts collectibles. The upcoming Ayles auction titled, “Global Icons 7 - Contemporary & Modern works” is set to take place on the 13th of April. The auction house will display a wide range of collection from different eras and art forms. The auction house will bring it’s connoisseurs a wide selection of modern and contemporary works. The highlights of the auction will be a large selection of Murakami and Obey prints. The Ayles auction will put forth a spectacular display of paintings, photographs, and prints of well-established artists of different decades on Bidsquare. Ektachrome (from cowboys & girlfriends series) The most sought after item of the exhibit is the Kodak ektachrome “from the cowboys & girlfriends series” by painter and photographer Richard Prince. The photographer is well known for the use of the re-photography concept. His collection ‘Cowboy’ is the most popular collection of the re-photography series. The artist has put forth a strong image of cowboys mainly based in the western U.S.A. The single photograph of a cowboy is estimated to be sold at $12000 with a starting bid of $5000. Ektachrome (from the cowboys & girlfriends series) Likewise, Lot 26 is one more photograph from the same series by Richard Prince will also will have the starting bidding price of $5000. These Ektachromes are signed and well maintained, thus, making them the most noteworthy items of the auction. Subway Drawing Dollar on Cross Another highlighting and mostly look forward to collectible belongs to the famous and spectacular artist Keith Haring. The artist is well known for his pop art and graffiti work. The artists raided the city of New York with his art in the 1980s. Haring’s spontaneous drawings on subway walls of New York were highly recognized. The most noticing feature of his art includes outlines of different images, figures or dogs on a black background. The Subway Drawing Dollar on Cross dates back to 1985 and is 41x27 inches respectively.…