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Abo Gallery is a great Southern California auction house, their lots are always interesting, high quality, and reasonably priced, and they are most helpful.

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    Abo Gallery and Auctioneer to Offer Chinese Works of Art

    Hand gestures, known as mudras in the Sanskrit language, are a significant element of Buddhist art. Symbolizing different spiritual meanings, hand positions serve as non-verbal forms of self-expression and communication in Buddhism. These are also used in meditation to evoke a specific state of mind. A Chinese gilt Buddha statue depicting the varadamudra is a key highlight of the End of January Chinese Fine Works of Art sale from Abo Gallery and Auctioneer. The right arm of the statue faces downward with the palm up. The left hand faces up at the Buddha’s navel. The five extended fingers represent morality, kindness, effort, focus, and patience. Signifying compassion and charity, the varadamudra also denotes the act of granting wishes.  Another noteworthy antique lot is a dual-handle Chinese porcelain vase. With intricate floral, vine, and bird motifs, the vase has striking window-frame details. Chinese vases, especially those made of the traditional Kaolin, are particularly sought for their daintiness. Two wooden boxes filled with Chinese coins and money bricks may be of interest to numismatics enthusiasts. In the modern era, Chinese coins are associated with good luck and also hold a place of importance in various traditions. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.