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  • Auction Industry

    Stair Brings the Art of the Exquisite Corpse to Auction

    This March, Stair will offer an unusual auction that borders on the macabre. Collectors will find drawings of the human body in every style imaginable, from the realist to the absurd. The auction, held live on March 3rd, 2021, highlights the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ game of the Surrealists.  Annette Lemieux, Doug…

    Stair Brings the Art of the Exquisite Corpse to Auction3
  • Auction Preview

    Vintage Lithographs and Rare French Postcards Highlight Artelisted Sale

    In Tibetan Buddhism, a mandala painting is symbolic of the universe. Intricately executed, every detail has a meaning associated with it. One of the noteworthy lots in the upcoming auction of vintage lithographs, presented by Artelisted, is a Tibetan Buddhist mandala painting in cobalt blue. With its geometric configuration, the…

    YVES TANGUY Vintage Litho The Rapidity Of Sleep
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    Hope in a strange world? An enigmatic landscape by one half of Surrealism’s ‘It couple’

    Surrealism included many female artists, but few were as singleminded as the American Kay Sage. Other Answers — a quintessential Sage painting — is offered for private sale In 1939, with clouds of war hovering over Europe, Kay Sage returned to the United States after more than two decades away. Her lover and fellow Surrealist, Yves Tanguy,…

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