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  • Auction Preview

    Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Clown Portrait Comes to Auction With Sotheby’s

    Explaining the concept behind her famous Clown series, photographer Cindy Sherman said, “When I started doing this series I started thinking of clowns as a whole race of people, but people just like anyone else. I thought I should do a housewife clown, a clown at the gym... I was…

    Untitled 425 mural-sized chromogenic print by Cindy Sherman.
  • Auction Preview

    Stills by Bernd & Hilla Becher, Cindy Sherman Lead Sotheby’s Contemporary Photographs Auction

    In the 1970s, when there was an explosion of photographic stills in mainstream media, Cindy Sherman presented women as complex lead characters. She often referenced Hollywood movies and actresses in her work. Sherman photographed herself playing various roles that enfranchise women. In Untitled #116, Sherman stares blankly into space, leaving…

    Bernd and Hilla Becher Water Towers
  • Auction Preview

    Bonhams’ Upcoming Auction Presents ‘Passage’ Oil Painting by Amy Sillman

    Bonhams’ September Post-War & Contemporary Art auction particularly highlights a 1999 oil painting from Amy Sillman. After Sillman moved to New York in 1975, she began studying the relationship between abstract and figurative painting styles. Many of her following works started blending humor with vibrant imagery. Titled Passage, the offered…

  • Auction Preview


    Diane Arbus is known for her black and white photographs capturing various marginalized groups. Her interest in photography developed after she received her first camera from her husband, Allan Arbus. Together with her husband, Arbus contributed to many popular magazines, including Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and Seventeen. The upcoming auction,…

    BRASSAÏ (1899–1984)
  • Auction Industry

    Contemporary Artists and Prisoners Collaborate on Unique Artworks in Exhibition and Online Auction

    Ai Weiwei, Odyssey in Quilting, 2019. Quilt. Dimensions: 200 by 240cm. Cotton, printed with embroidery embellishments. Courtesy Fine Cell Work © Ai Weiwei. LONDON.-Fine Cell Work announces Human Touch, a ground-breaking collaboration between international contemporary artists and stitchers working in prisons, trained by this leading charity and social enterprise. Artists and…

    Contemporary artists and prisoners collaborate on unique artworks in exhibition and online auction
  • Auction Preview

    Post-War & Contemporary Art

    The 1997-98 Woman on Blue Bus Seat sculpture, available in the upcoming Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction presented by Bonhams, is the creation of artist and sculptor George Segal. The inspiration behind Segal’s sculptures often came from his own body and the people surrounding him. In his lifetime, Segal dabbled…

    Jonas Wood