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    Gentleman's Library Auction

    George Lucas was not happy with the original movie poster for Star Wars (1977) and commissioned the Hildebrandt brothers to make improvements.  “I asked [the agent] if they knew what it was about,” remembers Greg Hildebrandt, “and they said, ‘It’s some kind of science-fiction movie.” That poster, produced the year…

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    August No Reserve

    In 1933, Disney released “Three Little Pigs”, a short-animated film. At the time, it was Disney’s crowning achievement. The company would, of course, find more than a little success later with an animated mouse. One of the lots in the upcoming August No Reserve auction, offered by Whitley’s, commemorates the…

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    Discovery Sale

    A dragon wraps its way around a blue vase with white daisies in bloom. This is the description of one of 700 lots in the upcoming Discovery Sale auction offered by Whitley’s. Lots in this auction range from vases and stoneware to jugs in the shape of William Shakespeare. For…

  • Auction Preview

    Art, Design and Collectibles Part 2 - No Reserve

    It is 1920, and you’ve decided to watch a racy picture show at the penny arcades. You put your money in and are treated to a flipbook-style show of a fully-clothed woman waking up. Like many lots in the Art, Design, and Collectibles (Part 2) auction presented by Whitley’s, this…

  • Auction Preview

    Art, Design and Collectibles Part I – No Reserve

    The Art Deco period was marked with colors and hope, a joyful style to usher in 20th century optimism. The ceramics and porcelains that emerged from this period are especially representative of its delicate beauty and fineness. Whitley’s offers the upcoming Art, Design and Collectibles auction as a sweeping take…