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    Asian Arts, Glass, & Musical Instruments

    During the Qing dynasty, Chinese porcelain was often made with bright colors and meticulously painted scenes. Chinese craftsmen began applying a variety of underglaze pigments to floral and landscape scenes, a much-prized style in the West. Porcelain from the Qing dynasty is available in the upcoming Asian Arts, Glass, &…

    Fender FM-100 A-Style Mandolin
  • Press Release

    Fine Musical Instruments Consignment Day | New York

    WESTCHESTER, NY Skinner is inviting consignments of Fine Musical Instruments for upcoming 2019 auctions. Skinner’s Director of Fine Musical Instruments, Adam Tober will be in the Westchester, NY office on Tuesday, July 30 to offer verbal evaluations and accept consignments of your bowed and fretted string instruments, including antique violins, violas, cellos, and their…