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    Tribal, Folk, Ethnographic & Textile Arts

    Material Culture is here to offer treasures from the 18th and 20th centuries. Along with the Asian art and antique sale, Material Culture will present important tribal, folk, ethnographic and textile arts. This auction is led by an important textile art ever showcased in this catalog; Bolivian Aksu Textile which…

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    Tribal and Ethnographic Weaponry

    Handsome, yet deadly is how the lots in Cowan's Tribal and Ethnographic Weaponry and Art sale, would be described. Scarce and sharp, the artifacts representing culture and art from around the world, constitute the auction. Objects, seen and read only in fiction, come to life. Like an attractive curved silver…

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    VARIETY AUCTION | Ancient & Ethnographic

    The Ancient and Ethnographic auction offered by Artemis Gallery features a variety of antiquities from around the world including pottery, jewelry, and textiles.  Dating from the 2nd century BCE to 20th century CE, the range of objects is vast and with bids starting from $100-$1,800, provides an accessible opportunity for…

    PR-195 VARIETY AUCTION Ancient Ethnographic by Artemis Gallery
  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Day 2 Ethnographic Tribal Fossils

    Artemis Gallery offers Exceptional Day 2 of its Ethnographic Tribal Fossils auction. The collection includes a near-complete psittacosaurus dinosaur skeleton and an extremely rare theropod dinosaur egg nest with 25 eggs in it. Specific offerings include Pre-Columbian Maya and Chavin pottery, a Mapuche Stone Scepter with an anthropomorphic mask finial,…