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    Fine Furniture, Silver, Decorative and Folk Art

    Wood sculptures of Africa have been widely observed in the form of headrests and animal figures. The Bantu tribe’s wood carvings are among the most highly valued African antiques. A selection of ten African and New Guinea masks and carved wood articles are featured in the Fine Furniture, Silver, Decorative…

    Hindman Auctions
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    Tribal Art Online

    Indigenous artifacts are difficult to categorize, as they represent hundreds of different, independent cultures all over the world. However, they do share some common characteristics in their distance from post-colonialism and their influential relationships with their land—these are the common threads that Skinner gathers in the upcoming Tribal Art Online…

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    Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art

    A Large Diquis Gold Pendant c. 700-1400 AD, a magnificent Nazca Cushma c. 200-500 AD, and a rare Olmec Mask c. 300-500 BC headlines a trove of Pre-Columbian art featured in Heritage Auctions’ Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Auction June 25 in Dallas, Texas. The auction also includes…