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  • Auction Preview

    Coins Signature Auction

    In the upcoming Coins Signature Auction, offered by Heritage Auctions, a 1907 $20 high relief coin will be on offer, the result of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and President Theodore Roosevelt’s shared pet project. They planned to make a coin reminiscent of those created in Hellenistic Greece. After Saint-Gaudens’s death, Roosevelt pressured…

    1907 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim MS68 NGC
  • Auction Preview

    US Coins Signature Auction

    The U.S. Coins Auction by Heritage consists of a large sampling of collectible U.S. rarities from across the minted spectrum. One controversial example is the 1776 Continental dollar. The origin and purpose of the 1776 dollar are in dispute despite historical documents referencing the dollar from more than 235 years…

    1864 1C Copper-Nickel MS66+ PCGS.