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    Extremely Rare Tang Dynasty Silver Vessels Highlight Upcoming Christie’s Event

    During the Tang dynasty, merchants imported goods from Iran to the capital of Chang’an. These Iranian gold and silver goods bore influences of ancient Roman art. Many silverware workshops during the Tang period manufactured silver vessels inspired by these imported goods. The elegant features and intricate adornments on these vessels…

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    Artemis Gallery presents unprecedented array of museum-worthy ancient antiquities and cultural art in Feb. 18 Exceptional Auction

    Featured: Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus lid, Roman marbles, Pre-Columbian gold, many items with provenance from Sotheby’s, Christie’s and distinguished private collections BOULDER, Colo. – The increased fascination with ancient cultures, their lifestyles and traditions has driven interest in Artemis Gallery’s auctions to an all-time high. Whether a collector is enamored with…

    Artemis Gallery presents unprecedented array of museum-worthy ancient antiquities and cultural art in Feb. 18 Exceptional Auction
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    Upcoming Oakridge Auction Gallery Event Highlights Asian Artifacts from the 18th Century

    According to a Chinese legend, Hanshan and Shinde lived during the Tang dynasty and were close friends who fell in love with the same girl. When Shinde realized this, he abandoned all worldly pleasures to become a monk. Hanshan joined his friend in monkhood. Known as the holy He-He Er…

    Chinese White Jade Carved Hehe Erxian Statue, 18th Century
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    Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic

    The Achaemenid Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BCE, is often regarded as one of the ancient world's largest civilizations. This Iron Age dynasty was a global hub of art, religion, culture, science, and technology. The Achaemenids were fond of gold and silver jewelry and often used…

    Achaemenid Gold Bracelets w- Turquoise, Garnets (pr)
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    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    Maitreya is a bodhisattva who, according to Buddhist beliefs, will return to Earth from the heavens when the Buddhist teachings are neglected. The promise of Maitreya's return and his ability to restore order inspired many to join religious movements dedicated to the bodhisattva in China around the Tang period. A…

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    Los Angeles Collection | Single Owner

    A gu vessel is a Chinese container that was used for wine or ritual offerings during the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The tall and slim vessels have a flared and tapered base and a wider mouth. The high stem cups used during the Neolithic age were an inspiration for the…

    Chinese Enameled Porcelain Covered Jar
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    Fine Vetted Historical Asian And Western Art

    In the upcoming Fine Vetted Historical Asian and Western Art auction, Madison Square Gallery Inc. will present a variety of categories with an emphasis on Asian and decorative art. A gilt bronze figure of Heruka Hayagriva is one of the featured lots. In Tibetan Buddhism, there are said to be eight ‘Wisdom…

    Famille Rose Porcelain Buddha On Stand, Xue Changlin
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    Art Of Asia- From Antiquity To Present Day Auction

    During China’s Han dynasty period, funerary figures buried alongside tombs were believed to be necessary for a safe journey to the afterlife. The imperial Han court honored deceased military officials by giving them an elaborative funeral cortege along with these sculptures. The upcoming Art Of Asia- From Antiquity To Present…

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    Art of Asia- From Antiquity to Present Day

    From the first century BCE to the seventh century CE, the Gandhara region was a multicultural hub for commerce and art. Situated within present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan, artwork from this area was influenced by both Roman and Indian iconography. Several items from the Gandhara region are available in the upcoming…

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    Session 1 - New Year's Signature Estates Auction

    American painter and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg’s paintings are shown in museums around the world. Mixed media paintings by the artist are vivid, abstract, and use different techniques to achieve various effects. Available on the first day of the upcoming New Year's Signature Estates Auction presented by Ahlers & Ogletree is…

    Dale Chihuly Philodendron Ikebana Glass Sculpture
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    Fine Asian Works Of Art & Painting

    Manjushri, the bodhisattva of great wisdom and insight, is an important religious and cultural figure. In Buddhism, Manjushri is worshipped as the “Meditational Deity.” A gilt-bronze sculpture of the Manjushri Bodhisatta will be highlighted in the upcoming Fine Asian Works Of Art & Painting Auction, presented by Golden State Auction…

    Late Qing/Repubic - Shiwan 'Tie Guai Li 'Statues
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    Chinese Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Florence and Herbert Irving Gift

    In March 2015, renowned philanthropists Florence and Herbert Irving donated their vast collection of Asian works of art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In the years since, the museum has carefully sorted and chosen 300 lots from their prized Irving collection to sell, with the…

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    The Finest Watches, Jewelry, Art & Other Valuables

    Amidst the numerous brands of watches that have shaped contemporary accessories, only a handful are unique and sophisticated. Even fewer have been able to show the constant quality of signature style like Patek Philippe over the years. Celebrating Patek Philippe's timepieces is The Finest Watches, Jewelry, Art & Other Valuables…

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    Doyle at Home

    Successful interior design marries room functionality with beauty, and ideally provides a haven for inhabitants.  It also tells a story of the inhabitants through the placement and selection of objects. It is no wonder that harmonizing such designs can be a daunting task, but  Doyle’s September auction, Doyle at Home…

    Doyle at Home/AuctionDaily
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    Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

    One of eight auctions celebrating New York’s Asian Art Week, the Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art sale offered by Christie’s contains items that can only be described as masterpieces. Almost 300 available lots range in value from $1,200 to $3.5 million, covering categories as diverse as furniture, religious…

    Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art/AuctionDaily
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    Masterpieces of Early Chinese Gold and Silver

    Christie’s Masterpieces of Early Chinese Gold and Silver auction is comprised of a golden collection of pieces from ancient China. Formed by Dr. Johan Carl Kempe, a prominent collector of Chinese art, the objects range in date from spring to autumn (late 6th-early 5th century BC) of the Qang period. …

    Masterpieces of Early Chinese Gold and Silver/Auctiondaily
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    Bodies of Infinite Light Featuring an Important Collection of Buddhist Figures Formerly in the Collection of the Chang Foundation

    Sotheby’s upcoming auction, Bodies of Infinite Light Featuring an Important Collection of Buddhist Figures Formerly in the Collection of the Chang Foundation contains pieces spanning the Northern and Southern dynasties to the Qing dynasty.   Of the 30 figures offered in the auction, 20 are from the Chang Foundation and were…