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    Online Only May Auction

    Towle Silversmiths is believed to be the first and longest operated company in the United States. In 1895, Lucien D. Cole, a designer at the company, introduced the Old Colonial pattern. Inspired by the historic Newburyport area of Massachusetts and 18th-century Philadelphia furniture, Old Colonial is Towle's longest-running design. The…

    (Attributed to) Michael Ayrton (English, 1921-1975) Bronze Sculpture
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    Fine & Decorative Art Online Auction

    The monthly Fine & Decorative Auction for September, offered by Heritage Online is anchored by a wide variety of fine art, but also includes many chairs, bowls, vases and other ornamental and functional items. Of the works, creating a good deal of early interest and bidding, is a breathtaking landscape…

    Fine & Decorative Art Online Auction/AuctionDaily
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    August Discovery Auction 2019

    The August Discovery Auction offered by Oakridge Auctions is full of bright colors, bold lines and beautiful design. Highlighted by several works from the early 20th century painting couple Francis and Beulah Brown, the selection includes paintings, pottery and jewelry, as well as collectibles reminiscent of all ages of childhood…

    Daniel Kotz Oil On Canvas Winter Melt
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    Monthly Fine & Decorative Art Online Auction

    The Monthly Fine & Decorative Art Online Auction for August, offered by Heritage Auctions, is anchored by several interesting works of fine art. A few works receiving the earliest interest are those by French artist Marcel Mouly. Mouly solidified his plans to become an artist when, after a trip to…

    Heritage Auctions
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    Hot as Hill Summer 2019

    A décor collector’s paradise, the Hot as Hill Summer 2019 auction offered by Hill Auctions features over 300 works of decorative art. Beside the many decorative pieces stand vibrantly colored paintings, elegant leather handbags, a collection of clocks and watches from refined and professional to intricate and ornamental and so…

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    2019 July 11 Monthly Fine & Decorative Art Signature Auction

    Nudes along with a collection of antique silverware, glassware and painted ceramics from Heritage can be seen and had at the 2019 July 11 Monthly Fine & Decorative Art Signature Auction   #241928. Paintings of female nudes from figurative painter, Melvin John Ramos with realist and abstract elements in his art,…

    PR-338 Herigate Monthly Fine & Decorative Art Signature Auction