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    Asian Art, including Chinese Paintings

    The ‘hundred boys' theme was very popular during the Qing and Ming dynasties. The 'hundred boys' refers to King Wen of the Zhou dynasty, who had 99 sons and adopted one more to have an even 100. Later, the theme was used to represent the desire for many sons to…

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    Fine Art Online Auction

    One of Peter Sculthorpe’s watercolor paintings titled Parker’s Cove is available in the Fine Art Online Auction, offered by Shannon’s. The winter scene is named after a Canadian town that the artist visited. In Sculthorpe’s words, “The inspiration for my work comes from areas spanning the stark regions of Newfoundland…

    GIULIO DEL TORRE, Italian (1856-1932), Feeding the Doll, oil on panel
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    European Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture Online

    Offered in the upcoming sale, presented by Sotheby's, are 65 lots of European paintings, drawings, and sculptures. One highlighted item is a work executed by Guillaume Seignac. A French academic painter, Seignac was trained in both the academic style of the École des Beaux-Arts and the classical themes of the…

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    Design Signature Auction - Dallas #8003

    A set of Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti chairs will be featured in the upcoming Design Signature Auction, presented by Heritage Auctions. The French duo collaborated for many years to create imaginative furniture. Their designs have appeared in museums around the world, including the Musée des Arts décoratifs et Du Design…

    Daniel Owen Dailey (American, 1947) Balustra...
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    Art Of Asia - Antiquity To Present Day

    Historically, the Batak tribe of modern-day Indonesia believed a shaman could harness both white and black magic. Each shaman would craft a staff to channel their abilities. One such staff from the Batak people is highlighted in the upcoming Art of Asia auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. Human and animal…

    Early 20th C. China Miao Silvered Copper Necklace
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    Important Illustration, Chinese Artwork, Jewelry & Fine Art Auction

    Known best as a contemporary artist of the American West, Dave McGary was a Wyoming sculptor who committed countless hours of research into his work. McGary created his art by slowly layering pieces of clay to form his figures. He first sculpted his pieces by building a layer of muscle,…

    Zhan Jianjun (China, B. 1931)
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    Prints + Multiples

    The upcoming Prints + Multiples Auction, offered by Rago, will present a selection of works from both Modern and contemporary artists. On offer are several recognizable prints by Andy Warhol, including pieces from his Campbell’s Soup can series. Soup varieties represented are Vegetable, Old Fashioned Vegetable, and Onion. A related…

    Robert Cottingham, Art
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    Open Salts: The Collection of Barbara & Elmer Guilmartin

    The upcoming Open Salts auction will highlight pieces from the collection of Barbara & Elmer Guilmartin, offered by Nest Egg Auctions. A selection of open salt containers is available in the sale. These salt cellars, which are small open bowls for holding spices, were the saltshakers of the 19th century. …

    Decorative Arts
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    Fine & Decorative Art (February 2020)

    Anders Zorn was a painter known for his brushwork and vibrant color palette. He is often regarded as the "Swedish Impressionist" in the art world. His works appear both realistic and free-flowing, including an etching titled Self-Portrait with Fur Coat and Cigarette. His self-portrait is one of the highlighted items…

    Meissen Figurine 443 Saxon Soldier with Drum
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    Erte Art & Costume Design Online Auction

    Romain de Tirtoff, better known as Erté, moved to Paris from St. Petersburg when he was 18 years old to pursue fashion and costume design. With the help of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Erté grew to become a leading designer of French performance halls, women’s fashion, and theatrical costumes. His lavish…

    A Pair of Erté Rayonnement 14K Gold, Ruby, Diamond, and Enamel Earrings
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    Fine Paintings & Sculpture

    A traveler at heart, Sanford Robinson Gifford was known to disappear for months or years at a time to view landscapes and build inspiration for his work. Gifford belonged to the Hudson River School of artists, which was active during the mid-19th century. The Art Story notes that this focus…

    Sanford Robinson Gifford (American, 1823-1880) Sketch of the Lago di Nemi
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    Important Two-Day Winter Fine Art, Antique, and Jewelry Auction

    The first African-American artist to enjoy a solo exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art was self-taught, relatively unknown, and lacked professional tools and materials. William Edmondson was discovered by a photographer for Harper’s Bazaar who stumbled across his lawn full of sculptures while in Nashville, Tennessee. One of…

    Large Japanese Imari Porcelain Punch Bowl, Scalloped Edge
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    Nature & Form

    For Alexandre Noll, there was little distinction between art and function. In the early to mid-20th century, he created a signature style that melded the two. Beginning as a sculptor for Paul Poiret’s French fashion house, Noll would eventually focus his interest on wood as his chosen medium. In creating…

    Alexandre Noll (1890-1970)
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    Sculpture from the Collection of George Terasaki

    Sotheby’s is offering Sculpture from the Collection of George Terasaki, an auction highlighting the Indigenous cultures of North America. The Terasaki Collection is centered on the people of the Northwest coast and the pueblos of the Southwest. Masks, sculptures, and pieces of decorative art created during the 18th and 19th…

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    Rare Books, Autographs & Maps

    The Rare Books, Autographs and Maps auction offered by Doyle will present items from the estates of Sylvia Miles and Florence and David Edelstein. Pieces from the Marian Sulzberger Heiskell and Andrew Heiskell Collection will also be available. Leading this auction is a bronze replica of the Winston Churchill monument…

    [CHICAGO FIRE] the Burning of Chicago
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    La Ménagerie

    Throughout his career, French sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne merged the imaginative with the tactile. His dual-purpose furniture pieces reflect his artistic perspective; he once said, “It is, after all, easier to have a sculpture in an apartment than to have a real sheep. And, it’s even better if you can sit…

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    Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk Art – Nov. 9

    At the bottom of almost all his paintings, folk artist William Hawkins signed his works with the date July 27, 1895. For a painter active in the mid- to late 20th century, repeatedly marking his birthday might seem odd. However, Hawkins created his art with a passion and excitement for…

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    Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk Art – Nov. 10

    On the second day of the upcoming Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk-Art auction, Slotin Folk Art will feature well-known outsider artists such as Howard Finster, Purvis Young, and Mose Tolliver. One key lot is an English cane from the 1880s, the handle carved to resemble a male bust. A phrenology design…

    Howard Finster. Prov -6-6 Consider Ant Cut Out
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    Sports, Comics, Comic Art, Animation

    The Sports, Comics, Comic Art, Animation sale, offered by Weiss Auctions, is a selection of over 500 items, many new to the auction market. A few examples of the available items include a 1998 “Pikachu Illustrator” Pokémon promo card, a single-signed Roberto Clemente baseball, and a production sketch from Disney’s…

    Sports, Comics, Comic Art, Animation
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    3rd Thursday Discovery Auction

    The 3rd Thursday Discovery Auction, offered by Witherell’s, features a large collection of concert memorabilia, including handbills from the Family Dog/Avalon Ballroom and “Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco.” Many of the handbills match with separately listed posters. Two signed album covers will also cross the auction block: Cheap Thrills…

    3rd Thursday Discovery Auction