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  • Auction Preview

    Fine Japanese, Korean, and SE Asian Art

    The Scanlan Collection presents Fine Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian Arts. This assortment features such items as a bronze Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, a bronze Buddha, a Japanese scroll, miniature Satsuma teapot and more.    Featured in the auction is a large, patinated bronze Korean Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara sitting on the back of a…

    Jataka Thangka, Bhutan, 18th/19th Century/AuctionDaily
  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Chinese Ceramics and Artworks

    Cloudswood Auction presents its finest finds of Chinese Ceramics in the upcoming Exceptional Chinese Ceramics and Artworks Auction. The highlight of the auction is the Arabic inscribed blue and white charger painted with floral design.  The featured porcelain depicts the influence of Chinese art on Islamic and Arabic cultures. Chinese…

    Massive Arabic Inscribed Blue and White Charger/AuctionDaily
  • Auction Preview

    2 Days Japanese Art

    This two-day Japanese Art auction, presented by Eldred’s, offers a glimpse into Japanese culture and history.  Japanese art covers a broad spectrum that includes ancient pottery, sculpture, calligraphy, ink painting, and ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, to name a few.  The first day of the auction features an ivory kiseru(smoking…

    Japanese Satsuma pottery
  • Auction Preview

    Emporium Auctions

    Calendars are marked for Brunk Auctions' upcoming Emporium Auction. Reasons include Asian works of art and favorites like a young boy feeding a rooster who decorates a pair of Chinese rose cups, Kangxi the emperor marked six gilt black and cobalt blue Chinese vases, and beautiful Buddhist calligraphy on two…